Is Oaxaca Safe in 2008? Yes.

Please don’t hesitate to travel to Oaxaca. It is perfectly safe and easy to get to and get around in. The Zocalo is full of strolling visitors, flowers, music and balloon vendors. The main thoroughfares are open to easy pedestrian strolling. There are no encampments of demonstrators like there were in 2006. Recovery from these tragic and unfortunate events has been slow, and unfortunately public perception around these events has persisted even though the events dissipated long ago. Artisans and artists comment to me about the slowdown in tourism and how their livelihood has suffered. Fewer people from North America and Europe are here to purchase their beautiful handicrafts and artwork. Even with the devalued dollar, your tourist dollar goes far in Oaxaca and the archeology, art, history and cultural experience is unparalleled. Please don’t hesitate to come here because of safety. It remains a non-issue.

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  1. Our 20 year-old son wants to study abroad in the Fall of 2009 through his college’s study abroad program (UNC-Chapel Hill). He also will be spending half of the semester in Tanzania, and are naturally concerned about whether we should worry about his safety in either place. Any advice or information will be most appreciated!

    • Wow, I have no knowledge about the safety of Tanzania. I can only speak about Oaxaca! I work at UNC Chapel Hill and trust their judgment implicitly about referring students to study abroad programs. I suggest you/he talk with the global studies institute to get more information. Meanwhile, if he is going to Oaxaca, it is as safe as any typical city (large or small). Whenever we travel anywhere, it’s important to be aware of your environment, notice if there are any unusual people around, and keep your money close to your body.

  2. My wife spent 3 weeks at Espanol Interactivo in January 2009, studying Spanish. She said that she never felt unsafe. Not for a moment. We both plan to go back next winter. It’s probably safer there than at home.

  3. We (my wife and I) spent 2 weeks in Oaxaca in April and had a fabulous experience. We strolled the Zocalo and other parts of the city many times, day and night, ate at lovely restaurants, enjoyed performances, visited museums and markets, took taxis, rode buses and visited villages around the city. The only remnant of the 2006 demonstrations we saw was graffiti and much of that was getting cleaned up. Safety is definitely a non-issue.

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