Carolina Nursing Student Volunteers in Centro de Salud

During her externship at the public health clinic at Teotitlan del Valle, Carolina nursing student Lindsey Bach developed a diabetes health education and promotion program to teach local people about eating healthy and exercise.  She made a delicious dish of lentils, black beans, tomatoes, onions, mango and papaya, seasoned with peppers, a bit of salt, and cilantro.  Yummm, healthy and delicious.

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  1. My ties to Teotitlan del Valle go back to the 195o’s, but I have not been there for 20 years. I cannot form a mental image of the clinic because there have been so many changes in the village in the last few years. Is the clinic in the hills as one approaches the town? Does it include a hospital bed or two? Is there a lab? Do the Dr.s live in Teotitlan, or commute from Oaxaca? Are they all there at the same time, or are they on duty one or two at a time? I’d greatly appreciate any info you can give me, as this is a great interest of mine. M.H.

    • Mary, thanks for your comment. The public health clinic in the village of Teotitlan is new; it was built two year ago. It is located on the road leading into Teotitlan from the Pan American Highway, about a half mile outside of the town center. There is a pharmacy across the street. The clinic staff do health assessment, public health education, routine immunizations, care for those who are mildly ill, and will refer to the hospital in Oaxaca city if there is a more serious health issue. There is one resident doctor and three nurses. They are all local and are there at the same time, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily.

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