How Can Someone From Mexico Get a Tourist Visa to the U.S.?

April 11, 2015. Please contact your Congressman’s office or an immigration lawyer for help. I do not know how to help your family members get a visa to visit the U.S. I am sorry. If you write me about this, I cannot answer. It is a difficult situation and I apologize because of the U.S. immigration rules.


This is the $50 million dollar question.  There is no simple, easy answer of course.  I have been successful helping some of my friends from Oaxaca get 10-year visitor/tourist visas because of my persistence and because they are great people who love their country and their profession.  They have every desire and reason to return to Mexico after their visit.  It has also been because I have a wonderful Congressman, U.S. Representative David Price, who understands that not every Mexican wants to live and work permanently in the U.S.   His office has helped me be the communication liaison with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City after I have written letters of invitation and support advocating for tourist visas.  Here is how the process has worked for me and my recommendation:

Mexican visa applicants must show/demonstrate that they fully intend to return to Mexico after their visit.  That means that they must prove that they have a business, profession or livelihood that sustains them there and that they are economically self-sufficient.  Often, the U.S. Embassy will ask people to show the balances in their bank accounts as proof of their financial stability.  The applicant must have an advocate who is a U.S. citizen.  This person or group of people will write letters of invitation and show that there is a reason for the applicant to come to the U.S.  This might be to visit family members, to demonstrate or exhibit (not sell) a particular art or craft, to meet professionals like themselves for intercultural exchange.  Letters of invitation from any associations or professional organizations or non-profits are very helpful in substantiating the applicant’s portfolio.

And, most importantly, after I have assembled all this information on behalf of my friends, I call my Congressman’s office and let them know the date of the Embassy appointment in Mexico City, along with the names and passport numbers of my friends.  I ask the Congressman’s office if they will send an email to the U.S. Embassy to request that they take a special look at my friend’s visa application.  It is very important to know that the U.S. Embassy does not appreciate being asked to give someone a visa and they see this as coercion.  The Congressman’s office is very clear that they do not do that.  But, they will help if the prospective visitor is indeed connected to a constituent and has a legitimate reason for being here.

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  1. I’m a born citizen of The United State,how can I bring
    my parents in laws with a visa from Mexico for least a month or less
    Just for pleasure,they both are a senior,please I would be responsible
    They are very stable in their finance not needing from anyone
    to supply their need,again thank you. I need your advice.

  2. Hello, My sister is and I are planning to have a vacation in Mexico and she is planning to get a visa from Madagascar to visit me in the USA too for a short period of time. We are from Africa and she has already applied Visa in Africa but got denied. Do you think she will get higher chance if she applies in Mexico?

  3. Hi, I have applied for moms GC, finally she is about getting her interview, she is 82 lives very far away from Ciudad Juarez, there is a way to change consulates? due to her age, interview can be avoided? any toughs will be very much appreciated
    thank you

  4. Hi, my mother is 67 and has dementia. I would like to bring her over here with me so I can care for her. Would she have any possibility of being granted a visa?

  5. Hi Was just wondering how can my husband get a visa for his grandpa in mexico

  6. How much money is needed for a friend to get a visa card and come visit his family and friends?

  7. My grandma is 90 yrs old and is on her death bed, she got diagnosed with terminal cancer, she has two siblings and a son in San Luis potosi Mexico with no visas or passport they would like to come see her over here in texas to say there good byes what can I do… Don’t know where to start?

  8. Hi i need help ,
    i am trying to invite my boyfriend from matamoros mexico to come visit me in the United States. we have met before in person when he was here in the u.s , he had a toursit visa back then . How do i write a invitation letter? where do i have to send it? And what other document do i have to send, while doing the process?

  9. Hello, my name is Jasmine. I was raised by my grandparents they had my legal custody & they are from Mexico. My step grandma just left to Mexico a few months ago but she’s wanting to come back. She has a perfect record! She’s been here most of her life. Is there anything that could be done for her to come back or have a visa to visit? Thank you

  10. i would like to Know how can i bring my mother-in-law to the USA to meet her grandkids and visti she dosent want to staying here she has a house and the rest of her family in mexico.

    • If you are a US citizen you are entitled to ask your elected Congressman to help you with a Visa Application for your mother In law. It is their job and responsibility. They can coach you about how to do the interview at the American embassy in Mexico City. I think the application fee is now $150 USD and it is non refundable. Good luck.

  11. Hello, I read your article and it was amazing. I was wondering though, what should be done in order for my 76 year-old grandma to come in visit us in the United States?

  12. Hello, I read your article and it was excellent. I was wondering what would you need in order to bring your grandma to the United States? She is 76 years old, what has to be done in order for her to visit us?

  13. How long does it take to receive a visa

  14. Hello! My name is Armando and I’m a US citizen, and I was wondering by any chance that my other cousin and longslide with aunt’s could get their visas just so they could visit my moms wedding next year, and so they could meet part of my other family, and also when a holiday comes up they or my parents and I could switch every year to visit each other, but the problem is they tried getting visas at Mexico ,they live there,work every day except Sunday’s,and so that’s why I was just asking if there is any way they could get it please reply and give me any suggestions there is, I would appreciate it thank you

    • They have to go to the US Embassy in Mexico City. But first they must compete an application form and make an appointment. There is a $150 USD application fee that is non-refundable. They must present bank account information to show they have a reason to return to Mexico. It is a difficult process and is usually not successful for most people unless they are artisans invited by sponsoring organizations from the US. I’m sorry.

  15. Hello,

    I am a U.S. citizen and I would like obtain a visitor’s visa for my grandmother. She does not own any property in mexico. She does not have anyone to look after her. She has health problems and has been hospitalized in and out of the hospital. I have never met her and soon will be having her great grandchild. I would like to meet her before anything happens.
    the only thing she has as proof of reason to return to Mexico is her pension she receives every month for life. She also has a bank account with less than 1,000 USD.
    My question is will the pension and bank account be sufficient proof?
    Can I go to the interview with her if I travel to Mexico?
    thank you very much.
    daniela sanchez

    • Daniela, you can go with your grandmother to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, but I don’t think you can be at the interview with her. It might be a good idea to write them and ask if you can accompany her just to be sure. I don’t know how they will interpret her intent to return to Mexico. Because she is older, the pension and the bank account information may be enough. All you can do is try. Good luck!

    • Hi Daniela, did you solve your problem? I am on the same boat and dont know where to look for help

  16. I have a friend from san luis potosi that wants to visit McAllen , Texas for shopping purpose , no intention of staying in the states. how and where can he go to aquire this permit? Thanks.

    • If there is a U.S. Consulate in San Luis Potosi, he/she can make the visa application there. Otherwise, travel to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City is necessary. Please research the U.S. State Department website to find out visa application requirements and documentation needed to present at the interview. The interview must be scheduled in advance.

  17. hi my name is Vanessa Villatoro, and i would like to obtain a visa for my old two friends to come to the U.S and visit. What are the steps necessary for this. Any advice and help i will appreciate. Thank you.
    Sincerely Vanessa Villatoro.

  18. My son is getting married in October. My husband is a resident but I’m a citizen. We just want to bring his mother over from mexico. We’ve been to Mexico about 10 times. We just want her to see our house and meet my family.

  19. I would like to bring my mom from mexico she is alone my dad past away like 2 years ago in i would like for her to be able to come in visit me every once in a while the fact the she is alone depress her so wath can i do to help her

  20. Please consult US State Department for cost of visa application and other regulations, requirements and procedures.

  21. I’m citizen and my parents have tourist visa and they want to apply for a tourist visa for my bother(13 year old) and my sister (15 years old) hom much it will cost ?

  22. I’m a U.S. citizen my parent are U.S. citizens too, but my mom’s parents are in critical condition and we just want to bring them here for a visit before my grandpa get worse that he is now. He is in the hospital right now getting one of his legs amputated because of a life and death situation. My aunts haven’t seen their parents in 20years and they just want one last chance with them before anything happens.

  23. Hi…my husband is not an US citizen, I am and I started the visa process but is on hold. My question is that I would like to bring his mother for a quick visit since he hasn’t seen her for 13 years. How can I apply for a tourist visa and would this affect my husband’s visa process?
    Please advise.

  24. Hi my name is David I was wondering since I’m trying to get my grandma a visa how much would I need to have in my bank account.

  25. Hello my name is Angel. I want to know if I can bring my 81 year old grandma from Mexico to the u.s.a. And my mom is not a u.s.a.c. What can I do to bring my grandma to the u.s.a.

  26. Greetings, my girlfriend is in Mexico she’s 27years old she just graduated as medical assistance in Mexico, she would like to come US and keep with her studies her economy is pretty good..she’s there now where can she go nc there no much I can do over here..


  27. hi my name is Adrian Reyes, and i would like to obtain a visa for my grandparents to come to the U.S and visit. What are the steps necessary for this. Any advice and help i will appreciate. Thank you.
    Sincerely Adrian Reyes.

  28. please email me at i have a question the father of my children lives in mexico he used to live here illegaly we never married but i want him to come back our four year old has a medical condition she has hydrocephalas water in her brain she had her first surgery after birth like in july she had another one shortly after in aug in 2010 in 2011 she had another surgery in janurary she was fine for 4yrs up until last year in november she had two more surguries her condition is so serious it causes her to have seziures at times her brain swells because the fluid doesnt drain at times the doctors them selfs dont know if she will live an easy childhood life as she is in therapies also i just need help to get him a visa or something but we are not even married please help i live in houston tx

  29. Hi, i wanted to know how can i get help or do for my nephews who are in mexico they are not blood realted to me bit to my children they are there cousins of blood by there dad, is there a way they can get a visa for visiting my kids they have there family in mexico so there will be back to mexico.. Help???

  30. Hello! My name is Giselle and I live in California. I’ve been granted DACA which means I’m not a citizen neither a permanent resident. I would love for my grandmother to come and visit me but I don’t know what to do. My aunt is a US citizen and tried to help her more once but the visa was denied because she is not related to my grandmother. Can she try one more time?. My brother is in the process of getting his residence. Can he help me? Or can I petition myself even though I’m not a citizen?

  31. Hi my great grandma is 95 years old I’m a us citizen and my kids want to meet her what are the steps I need to take…

  32. Hi how can I help my cousin get a visa to come and visit, my cousin is 16 and he doesn’t want to stay here because he goes to school and wouldn’t want to stay away from his parents, what could he present of prove that he will return to mexico? Or could I send a letter of request bit I have no idea how to do that and were to send it to and his parents are really busy and won’t be able to acompany him to get his visa but his parents approve of him coming to visit his family is it necessary for his parents to be present for his visa appointment or can his uncle who’s 21 acompany him with a letter of approve of his parents??

  33. yes I was wondering how I could go about getting a visitors visa for my mother in law who is in Mexico she is almost 75 years old I am a US citizen but my husband is notI was also reading and some of the comments about the congressman’s office I live in the state of North Carolina do you know who I can get ahold of to ask about that any help would be helpful thank you

  34. Hi I really want one of my cousins from mexico to come go visit me here in the U.S. and I told her to get info for a visa and her father said it would be best if we wrote a letter of request. BUT I really dont know what exactly does that mean do I have to submit that to the embassy or send it to her directly to take to the appointment? I’m 19 and shes 18… shes currently going to school for cosmetology would that be proof enough of having a reason to go back to mexico? Thanks for your info though!

  35. hello my name is yarelly i cant find the numberr of the congess office to help me with geting my aunt from mexico a b2 so she can come and visit.. i have read about it but i do not know where to start im having a bit of trouble with this. im from califoria and im a u.s citizen and i would like for her to come and visit my mom that she hast see in a while. please help me

  36. I’m currently in the process of writing a letter of invitation for two family members who live in Mexico and would like to visit California. Do you know where I can obtain a letter of invitation sample in Spanish?
    thank you.

    • Rosa, please write your letter of invitation in English. They will have to present it at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City or a consular office along with their visa application and necessary documentation. It is much easier for artisans to visit the U.S. when they have a planned schedule of activities including attending an artisans exhibition or fair. Invitations should come from museums, universities, galleries, and other non-profit or governmental organizations. You might want to check with your Congressman’s office, too, for help.

  37. Hi my name is stephanie, my boyfriend parents are in Mexico and his sister and him have not seen them for a while. They tried getting a tourist visa through his uncle but they were not able to do to his uncle is not a u.s citizen, I am and so are my parents is there any way, we can get a tourist visa for them!? They have kids in Mexico they don’t want to stay here they just want to visit..

  38. hello my name is brenda i would like to know how can i help my granmother to come to the us . im a us citizen & im trying to bring her from mexico how can i help her .

  39. Hi my name is gabby and I am 20 years of age. I was born in U.S and my mom had told me that I should apply for a visiter visa for my grandma and my grandma is from Mexico. She is getting older and my mom hasn’t seen her in years and she has some health issues and I know my mom would love to see her before anything bad happens, what can I do?

    • Gabriela, contact your Congressman’s office. An aide should help you get the documentation together to get a visitor’s visa for your grandmother. Then, she will need to apply at the U.S. Consulate either in Mexico City or a few of the other places that the U.S. government has offices in Mexico. She will need an application, an appointment (cost is $150 USD), and letters that prove she has a reason to return to Mexico. Good luck!

  40. My mother is an immigrant. I’m 19 years I’m a citizen. She wants to bring her father from Mexico his over 80 years. His sick and my mother thinks that she wont see him again. How can I as a citizen bring him and what would i have to do.

    • Leslie, contact your local Congressman’s office. They will advise you on how to proceed. Don’t be afraid to ask. It is their responsibility to help citizens this way.

    • Hi Leslie, I hope you see this. I’m on the same boat. I live in California and my mom is not a citizen. She cannot go to Mexico and she has not seen her mother in over 20 years. I don’t care how much I have to spend (I’m not rich but I’ve saved up money) I will do anything to allow her to see my grandma. My mom is often depressed because she hasn’t seen my grandma in so long. I want to know what I can do to bring my grandma for a short time.

  41. My question is my boyfriend has two children who are minors in mexico who have not seen him in over 8 yrs they would like to come visit, and would return back to mexico with their mother. I am a U.S. citizen but he is not legal, what would you recommend, and what steps do I need to take. We live in California.

    • Melinda, I am not an immigration expert nor am I an attorney. It would be best to talk to someone who knows about immigration law and can help your boyfriend get visas for his children. They would all have to document that they have strong reason to return to Mexico after the visit. You might also ask your Congressman’s office for advice, too. I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.

  42. Hi. Thanks for this informative post. My question is this: my boyfriend is Mexican and I am a US citizen. We both study in Italy and have Italian permission of stay (we still have several years before finishing studies). My family is planning a vacation in Hawaii next summer and it would be the perfect occasion for him to meet my folks. Do you have any suggestions on getting a tourist visa through the embassy in Italy? I’m guessing it is easier this way than doing it in Mexico, because he is obviously not trying to get out of his country. Any ideas? Thanks!

  43. Hello my question is that well am trying to help my grandparents get a tourist visa in order for them to come vist us here in the US this will be my first time ever seeing them in person. My grandmother is 70 and y grandfather is 90 their both in mexico. I heard and read that they have to show proves that they are going to be returning back to mexico and well the only proves that I could think about is that they own the house and property they live in and well they have more family and relatives their. Am a US citizen if that helps in anyway what else could I do to help them out. Perhaps do I need to go over their and help them out?? HELP

    • Kenny, yes, it’s true that they must prove that they have a good reason to return to Mexico. I think their age is in their favor. I recommend you contact your U.S. House of Representatives Congressman’s office. Usually a staff member can help with the Visa application and send a letter of support to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City or the one closest to where your grandparents live. They will need to apply, pay a fee and show up in person with their documentation. Good luck. Norma

  44. Greetings, I read all of your wonderful information. I wonder how long this process will take. My goal is to invite my childrens Grandmother from their fathers side to come visit, I am a legal american their father is not legal in fact he was deported and is no longer in the USA with us. I just want the Grandmother of my children to be able to see her grandchildren. She lives on a village also known as a ranch in Mexico. She has no money or profession. Basically she is poor and not economically self-sufficient. However I want to help her. Please let me have your idea of how I can turn this around. My quess is this:
    *Put money in her bank
    *Buy her a home or business (to show she has reason to return)
    *Apply for her Visa (Pay fees & get Interview date)
    *Submit a invitation letter to the Embassy and request Visa cosideration.
    *Notify my local Congressmans office and ask for an email to be sent to the Embassy for a special review on her application.
    IS THIS CORRECT? Please let me know what you would do, thanks….

    • Helena, the process out outline seems to be good, in my opinion. The biggest issue for the U.S. Embassy in approving a Visa to the U.S.A. is to demonstrate that the person has ties to Mexico and will return there. So, having money in a Mexican bank account is an excellent. idea. And, to contact your Congressman’s office to write a letter of support that gets sent via email to the Embassy after she has made the appointment. The letter should include the date of the interview. Good luck.

  45. My daughters dad is from Cancun, Mexico and he is trying to get a visa to come up here and see his daughter. He has only seen her 3 months out of 2 and a half years. I am needing to know the best way to make sure he can get his visa. Please help, thank you

    • I recommend you contact your Congressman’s office and work through them to help you. This is the best way or to talk to a pro-bono immigration lawyer. Hopefully, President Obama will make some inroads into changing the immigration laws and visting policies from Mexicans, since so many Latinos voted for him.

      • How do I find out the Congressman’s number? I am from Missouri, I don’t know if that makes a difference. Thank you so much for your help.

        • Lindsay, It doesn’t matter what state you live in. There are federally elected Senators (2 from each state) and a Congressman that is elected in the district you live in. I just Googled Missouri’s Senators. Claire McCaskill is one of them. She would be the most likely to help you. Her office phone number in Missouri is (202) 224-6154.
          This is their job. Do not hesitate. They will advise you on how to get your child’s father an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico and with a Visa Application. It costs approximately $150 USD to apply for a Visa, whether a person is approved or denied, plus travel to the Embassy location. Good luck.

  46. how can i get a visa for my fiance mother to come to unitedstates for visit

    • Julie, your fiance’s mother needs an appointment at the US Embassy in Mexico City. She must prove that she intends to return to the US. After she fills out the application and makes the appointment, you can notify your Congressman’s office. They have staff who can help you. Ask them to contact the Embassy to take a special look at your mother I. Law’s application and interview. This is the o ly way I k ow that can help. Good luck.

  47. I had a question I’m a u.s citizen and I would like to get a visa for the grandparents of my children and I would like to know what I had to do please send me information on this please. Sincerely Christine paez

    • Christine, every Congressman or Congresswoman’s office has staff who can help you with getting a Visa for your relatives. Contact the U.S. Representative from your voting district to help you. This is their job. -Norma

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