Huipils: Tehuana-Juchitan Clothing For Sale

I bought these lovely huipiles last year during a visit to Tehuantepec and Juchitan.  They are all handmade and embroidered by either machine or by hand.  You will love the colors and the elegant flowing skirts (very flattering).  Machine stitched designs are typical of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec style of clothing.  The sizes can fit medium to extra large because the waistbands have ties that are adjustable.  If the blouse is a little too big, just run a seam up both sides to take it in — so simple.  I would recommend dry cleaning because of the handwork.  They are $125 USD each (plus shipping) and I will accept a personal check or PayPal. Send me an email to purchase:

Outfit #1:  Orange Polka Dots.  The top is hand and machine embroidered on a tiny polka dot background.  The skirt is a contrasting large polka dot design.  Very fun.  The gored flowing skirt is 33″ long and the waistband is 36″ around but can wrap smaller with the long ties — very adjustable.  The top is lined and is 22″ long from the shoulder seam and 24″ across side seam to side seam.  The fabric feels like cotton or a cotton and poly blend.  $125USD.

Outfit #2:  Red Floral with Black Stars and Yellow Bodice.  Flowing skirt is sheer poly-silk fabric, 37″ long with an adjustable 36″ tie waistband as described in skirt #1.  Top is lined and is 22″ long and 24″ wide from side seam to side seam.  A very dressy outfit.  $125 USD.

Outfit #3:  Green Floral with Tan and White Embroidered Bodice.  Flowing skirt is 37′ long with 36″ adjustable tie waistband.  Top is lined and is 22″ long and 24″ wide from seam to seam.  $125 USD.

2 responses to “Huipils: Tehuana-Juchitan Clothing For Sale

  1. My grandson is graduating from high school here in Hawaii. My daughter is giving him a Mexican Fiesta Celebration for all his friends & families. About 250 people will come. Some of us will wear Mexican outfits. I was looking on your site & found these Oaxacan outfits. I am interested in the #2 in the red even thou they all look really nice. Maybe you have some more that you could show me over the internet? Please let me know how I would go about ordering one of these outfits & if it would arrive in time for June 4. You can email me or call me at 808-228-5634. Thank You , Lucille Santiago

    Been to Oaxaca a couple of times in past years so am familiar with the clotthing & aprons that come from there.

    • Hi, Lucille. Congratulations on your grandson’s graduation! What a wonderful milestone and accomplishment. You must be very proud. If you want to order one of the outfits shown, please specify which one you like and send me your address to I will then tell you how much the cost to ship will be so you receive the outfit in time for June 4. Many thanks, Norma

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