Other Uses for Cochineal Besides Lipstick Color

“Interesting. I knew carmine was used to manufacture ink and to add color to some foods and drinks. It’s used a lot in Oaxaca for Sweet Tamales (Tamales de Dulce) and to add color to Nicoatole ( A form of dessert), for Buñuelos during Christmas, and now lipstick. Nice. Greetings”  — from my friend Moises.

Range of cochineal colors

Anyone know what else?

A squished cochineal bug with lime juice

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your posts. Thank you.
    Do you know of a large event or events taking place the first full week of this October? Long story why I ask, but seems quite a few hotels full that week. I’ll be there and don’t want to miss something I would miss out on if not planned ahead? Thanks, Mary

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