Ikat Rebozo (Shawl) from Tenancingo, Mexico

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Ikat Shawl (Rebozo) From Tenancingo, Mexico, $85

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This deep navy blue (so deep it is almost black) shawl or rebozo is handwoven ikat from the village of Tenancingo in the State of Mexico about two hours from the city.  It is 100% cotton and has an intricate, hand-tied fringe called a punta.   Women use this shawl for many purposes: to drape around the shoulders or cover the head, to hold babies or carry bundles.  It is a traditional shawl worn in many parts of Mexico.  It is unusual because of the ikat technique:  the warp threads are dyed before they go on the loom.  The result is a beautiful pattern of white dots and dashes on the dark background.  The fringe is the warp thread, hand-tied in a diamond pattern.  The shawl fabric measures 76″ long and 31-1/2″ wide.  The fringe, a beautiful lacy effect, is an additional 12″ long on each end.  It is beautiful.  Definitely a one of-a-kind piece.  If you like this scarf, it can be yours by clicking the “Buy Now” link above that will take you to PayPal.     Thank you.  Norma  normahawthorne@mac.com

2 Responses to Ikat Rebozo (Shawl) from Tenancingo, Mexico

  1. Hello, I was looking for a rebozo to carry my new born. I like this traditional rebozo. My only question is, is there a difference in a rebozo made to carry babies and one that isn’t, in other words would this one be just as safe?

    Hola, yo habia estado buscando un rebozo para poder cargar a mi recien nacido. Me agrada este rebozo tradicional. Mi unica pregunta es que si hay alguna differncia en rebozos para cargar bebes a algunos otros, o todos se pueden usar para lo que uno guste? En otras palabras, esta rebozo fuera seguro para que carge a mi bebe?

    • Hi, Nancy. This is a very high quality, tightly woven rebozo of the type Mexican women use to carry their babies (and other packages)! The rebozo is made of cotton and I think if you tie it correctly according to the traditional method, it would be just as secure.

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