Suite 101 Publishes “Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico?”

I’ve just written a comprehensive article about Mexican travel safety on the online magazine, Suite 101.  It is my continuing attempt to dispel the rumors and innuendo associated with the drug wars and fear about travel to Mexico.

4 responses to “Suite 101 Publishes “Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico?”

  1. Thanks Norma. Unfortunately, we have to keep repeating this over and over. Those of us who live here (and are not drug dealers) know the truth–Mexico is a great, safe place to live. Jim J., DF

  2. I’m glad a comment I left on a previous post of yours was able to substantiate the article on safe visits in Mexico and Oaxaca that you wrote for Suite 101.

    Oaxaca is truly a jewel in Mexico, as are many other cities, and should not be missed because of border violence over a thousand miles away.


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