Equipaje Perdido! Lost Baggage and Other Tales of Travel

I know you have all been through this and this is likely to be mundane at best.  My bag with my clothing, make-up and personal items was lost in NYC  at JFK from the American Airlines connecting flight to Aeromexico.  I attribute this to traveling on too many carriers that don’t have travel partnerships and going through a huge hub like JFK.  I now know better.  Pay the bit more and use one airline or a codeshare to get you to where you want to go.

The personal item I am missing most is my pillow, which to me is like my “blankie.”  I take it with me everywhere I travel.  Sleep last night was fitful at best even though I had packed my earplugs (a must).

I filed a claim at Aeromexico in Mexico City when it didn’t show up to go through the customs (Aduana) screening.  The lovely man assured me it would probably arrive to Oaxaca on the last flight in last night and they would deliver it.  No such luck.

Here, at Las Bugambilias, the night clerk says sometimes it takes two to three days for a bag to show up.  The silver lining is that perhaps I could use this as a shopping excuse.  But, now I need to go find deodorant and some make-up.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed fresh margaritas on the Terrazo with Polly Klinefelter and her travel friend Kate from London.  They just arrived in Oaxaca from Chiapas where they did serious damage buying extraordinary textiles.  This was followed by dinner at La Zandunga on Garcia Virgil (owned by Aurora Toledo) with Eric and Elsa.  I slurped up the fantastic mole negro before I realized I hadn’t gotten a photo of it to share.

Now, I’m off to a cooking class with Pilar Cabrera Arroyo!  Mustering up the energy for my first full day in Oaxaca.  No problema.



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  1. How I would love to be with you for this program! Yoga, breakfast, writing, meditation. This must have produced some great writing.


    • Kathleen, I am re-entering my North Carolina world after 10 days of sublime Oaxaca. There were 11 women who participated in the writing and yoga retreat. A highlight of our week together was a temescal (sweat lodge) plus a cooking class with Reyna Mendoza Ruiz, a trip to the Tlacolula market, daily yoga with Beth Miller, and lovely hikes through the countryside. It was truly idyllic and we all created extraordinary voice — expressing wisdom, emotion, love of life through words — poetry, memoir, creative non-fiction. The retreat was so successful that we would like to offer it again this year — date to be determined 🙂 Come, if you can.

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