Hard Drive Crash Test

I was home in NC for three days after Oaxaca then boarded a flight to Chicago to attend a professional conference and visit friends. At ORD waiting for my next flight to San Jose, California I tried to find an outlet to recharge my computer. The only one available was on the floor freestanding next to a slant-topped kiosk. I stationed me and my computer there (standing room only), turned it on, checked my connection and before I knew it the computer slid down onto the floor, a flashing question mark on the screen.

Now in Appleland, we are driving to San Jose this afternoon after I receive my back up hard drive, lovingly shipped overnight by Stephen and FedEx. Grateful I did a full back up before this trip.

Still waiting to post many recipes and adventure from Oaxaca.

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  1. Hi Norma,

    Hope things work out w. your computer. Glad to hear from you and am looking forward to hearing how the writing (etc.) workshop went. All is relatively calm in Oaxaca?

    Take Care.

    Marsha (Heiman)

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