I’ve Been Gone for a While, Immersed in Poetry, Vocal Yoga, Temescal, and the Joy of Being With Creative Women

We began each day last week with yoga at eight o’clock in the morning, arising to rooster crows, the beat of the loom next door, the bark of the dog upstairs, the donkey brays.  There were eleven of us — all women, joining together to lift our voices through the written word, through the sonorous sounds of chanting, and to flexing muscles that would build  intellectual and spiritual strength.  I can’t remember feeling so  euphoric and inspired.

Oaxaca Women's Writing Retreat: Lifting Your Creative Voice 2011

Nine of the women traveled to Oaxaca from various parts of the United States. Many had never been to Oaxaca, and for some this was their first visit to Mexico. All traveled solo to get to our women’s writing and yoga retreat.

Daily yoga with Beth Miller combined movement and voice; some said we sounded like an ashram!









We gathered for yoga in the altar room of Casa Elena, then had breakfast under the pomegranate trees at Las Granadas.

Breakfast al fresco under the pomegranates

We all loved the fresh papaya and mango, the scrambled eggs with sauteed chiles, and especially the fresh tortillas made daily on the comal in the outdoor kitchen by our host Magdalena.

Robin Greene, our incredible instructor, started each writing session off with meditation. Then, we went off on our own to write, inspired by the culture, the food, the art, and the landscape.  Many of us brought current projects underway.  Some created poetry and memoir anew.

Bridget working on her project against the pink wall









3 responses to “I’ve Been Gone for a While, Immersed in Poetry, Vocal Yoga, Temescal, and the Joy of Being With Creative Women

  1. What a wonderful opportunity this must have been for you. Even looking at the photos was inspiring for me. I hope everyone found Oaxaca as beautiful as ever.


    • Kathleen. It was a marvelous and inspiring time. All the women who attended are talented, creative and supportive. It was an incredible bonding experience. I’ve been traveling for the last month and just back from California. I feel like I’ve been in ognito because I havent written much. Stay tuned and thanks so much for your support.

  2. Impressed with the joy and satisfaction of the participants as shown
    in the photos. Very beautiful environment, a place and time to
    discover one’s possibilities to enlarge a sense of self and productivity.
    Congrats and best wishes for many more such experiences.

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