Oaxaca, Mexico Brigitte Huet Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

"Lady" Earrings, $120 and Bracelet, $370 for the medium, and $410 for large

Brigitte Huet, Kand-Art jewelry designs, has lived and worked in Oaxaca for over 25 years.  She has a large following of very loyal clients from around the world. She recently sent me some great photos of her designs and the price list.  I have many of these pieces available for sale with shipment from my home in the U.S.

4 Elements pendent, $150; earrings, $110; chain (inquire), bracelet, $570 (not pictured)

All the sales go directly to Brigitte.  I make no commission!  If you are interested in a purchase, please let me know by email.  I am happy to send you dimensions.

"Circulos" bracelet, $270 and earrings, $95; Counting chain bar and circle design

"Gift Air" Pendant, $175 and Bracelet, $500; Aztec Eagle Design

"Vision" serpent pendant, $160 and earrings, $85

You can contact Brigitte directly.

"Mystic Dream" Collar (pendant with attached chain), $400


7 responses to “Oaxaca, Mexico Brigitte Huet Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

  1. Hi Brigitte,
    I made an appointment to meet you at the Cafe Nuevo Mundo next week at 10am. I can’t recall if we were meeting on Tuesday or Thursday. Please let me know. Thanks.
    I hope the weather isn’t unbearable.
    Sharon Raphael

  2. Bridget, I am interested in seeing your jewelry. Will be in Oaxaca from 7/21-7/28. Recommended by Sue and Tom Monkhall. Thanks. Sharon Raphael

  3. Hello Brigitte,
    We will be in Oaxaca from July 21-28. I would be interested in seeing some of your jewelry. Do you sell it in any of the local stores or would it be better to meet you in the centro?

    You were recommended by Sue and Tom Monkhall.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Sharon Raphael

  4. Do you know what happened to Brigitte’s website? It’s no longer active.
    How would one contact her regarding her jewelry?

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