Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

In the hammock, Oaxaca style

One of life’s simple pleasures is to put up our hammock, curl up with a book, and look out at the Oaxaca mountain peaks that surround us.  Most days are like this! Comfortable.  There are two or three weavers of handmade cotton hammocks at the Tlacolula market now.  They display their craft on Sundays — located toward the back corner of the market near the metates, machetes, ropes and bridles. Most of the hammocks in Oaxaca tend to be made of brightly colored synthetic yarn.  I opt for the more traditional, soft, cozy, comfy cotton, embraced.

Can I entice you to come to Oaxaca?

4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. I am feeling so relaxed just looking at this photo!

  2. I’m loving the photo and enjoying the breeze!

  3. Hi, NelliBelli — thanks for sharing my Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort picture of hammock life in Oaxaca, Mexico. Love your part of the world — OZ. Enjoy. Norma

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