Here and There in Oaxaca: How to Contact Me

Being based in the village of Teotitlan del Valle is wonderful and it has its technology challenges — mostly that my iPhone AT&T/Telcel cell phone service is not reliable.  Sometimes I have to go on the roof.  Sometimes the phone will ring and I will answer it and no one is there.  Nunca.  Nada.  There is voicemail but I am unable to get access to it.  Es lo es que es.  As my husband says, It is what it is.

I do have connection to WiFi and 3G — which is always reliable!

So, if you are trying to reach me to discuss whether you wish to attend a workshop or retreat and you want to ask questions, it’s best that you contact me by email:

We can then set up a time that’s good for both of us to connect via Skype.  My Skype name is oaxacaculture.  It would be best to start with the email, ask me the questions you have there, and then I can prepare for a scheduled phone call with you by talking with the workshop instructor first if necessary.

Many thanks for your understanding.  Such is life in Mexico, terrific as it is!  Saludos,

Norma Hawthorne, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC


8 responses to “Here and There in Oaxaca: How to Contact Me

  1. Hello Norma,
    We are interested in doing a 3 day workshop on Anil and Cochinilla. Our main concern is if we can then buy these two raw materials to bring back to San Miguel de Allende. Do you also have a source list as part of the workshop?

    • Hi, Dorothy. We would love to have you in one of our natural dye workshops. The instructor will tell you where you can buy the raw materials to take with you when you return to SMA. Let me know when you are ready to register. Thanks, Norma

    • Hi, Dorothy. The instructor will let you know where you can buy the indigo and cochineal when you attend the workshop. Thanks so much for your interest. Let me know when you are ready to register. Best, Norma

  2. Norma,
    I am a German Teacher in Fayetteville, NC and will retire in about two years from now. I got your information from Robin at Methodist University, who is leading a Patriotic Writer’s Workshop. I need help with writing for my travel journals which have accumulated from my time of traveling with my military husband. I plan to write and publish my travel experiences after my retirement from teaching, and would need an experienced mentor who can critique my writing, and give me a nudge into the right direction for publishing travel journals. I am completely new to the world of writing, and as a native German, my English might not always be perfect.
    I hope that you will find a little time for me, and let me know what you think.

  3. Norma, all these photos are inspiring. Would you please send me your email. I had it but now can’t find it. I want to send you the photos from Puebla.
    Besos, Suzanne

  4. Hello. I’ve been researching trying to get information regarding the Blue Jaguar jewelry studio in Oaxaca — without any luck. Can you help me with this information? I’m looking for a telephone number to the studio and an email address. Anything you can do to help me will be much appreciated! Thank you so much

    • Paulette, Elena Solow is the owner and designer for Blue Jaguar Studio. She lives in New York City and is in Oaxaca a couple times a year. She does not have a gallery there but she sells her work at El Nahual Gallery. Elena does not use the Internet so she doesn’t have a website or email address. I have published her phone number and address in NYC on this blog. In the SEARCH box look for her name Elena Solow and it should come up. You can contact Alejandrina Rios at


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