Oaxaca Collectible Textiles Sale, February 4, 2012

If you are in Oaxaca on February 4, 2012, don’t miss this spectacular sale of collectible textiles.  Several well-known Norteñas who have lived in Oaxaca for many years are downsizing and editing their collections, including Mary Jane Gagnier who is a book author and formerly married to weaver Arnulfo Mendoza. If I wasn’t going to Chiapas this week, I’d be there in a heartbeat.   I suspect there will be huipiles woven on blackstrap looms with the designs  integrated into the weft.  Some will be embellished with needlepoint. There will likely be shawls, scartable perhaps table linens.  Enjoy.

9 responses to “Oaxaca Collectible Textiles Sale, February 4, 2012

  1. really enjoyed our visit to chiapas in 2010, stayed at na bolom. only regret is not meeting chip morris. have you read living maya? carolyn

  2. Where is this happening?

  3. Thanks for the information, but exactly where the sale take place? Also, what are the hours?


  4. Hi Norma — have been reading w/ interest about your move. I’ve been in OdeJ since end of November. Could you email contact info on the posada / place in Jalatlaco? Also contact info or location of the collectibles sale. Thanks, Mary
    P.S. Would love to meet up the next time you’re in the city. A chat over a bowl of chocolatl would be great!

  5. Where is the sale? V. interested and am in Oaxaca now.


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