Oaxaca Best of Week Photos by Itzia Rojo-Lesnick: People in Black & White

One of the big challenges during our Oaxaca Photography Workshop: Market Towns and Artisan Villages was to use our digital cameras to shoot in sepia and black and white.  This trained our eyes to see differently through the viewfinder — texture, shape, shadow, pattern.  Itzia loved the exercise and made this a theme of her final presentation.  Daughter of a Mexican father and midwestern USA mother, Itzia bridged the cultural experience perfectly.  She attended with her good friend JoBeth Collister.

She says, All the technical aspects of using my camera were so beneficial to cover and experiment with this week.  The program is such a great learning, growing and eye-opening experience in so many ways.  Plus, I can’t recall one instance the entire time where I felt that my safety was threatened.  Almost everyone we met was very receptive and endearing — only adding to the beauty of this wonderful place.

You can capture the experience, too, during 2012 Oaxaca Day of the Dead Photography Expedition.  Just a few places left!



4 responses to “Oaxaca Best of Week Photos by Itzia Rojo-Lesnick: People in Black & White

  1. Hi, Norma
    These photos are so inspiring.
    Please send me your email address. I had it but now it’s lost. I want to send you some photos from our time in Puebla & I don’t know how to include them in this reply.
    Besos, Suzanne

  2. Very nice work – really captures the energy of the people and the spirit of the place.

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