Puebla in the Rain

Puebla, Mexico, is my regular stopover between Oaxaca and Mexico City, D.F. Benito Juarez International Airport and my return to the United States, where I am now for the next ten days.  I love the magic of this Spanish-Moorish inspired city, its Talavera ceramics, mole poblano, the season of Chiles en Nogada (available fresh only mid-July through September), huaxmole (October) and reunion with friends Antonio and Alfonso.

Summer is rainy season in Puebla and you can depend upon the clouds to burst open during the late afternoon and continue with a steady downpour through the evening. If you aren’t careful, you’ll get soaking wet!


Sometimes the rain continues through the night, providing me with a lulling backdrop for sleep at my favorite little resting spot, Hotel Real Santander, which is right across the street from La Quinta de San Antonio Antiguedades y Arte Popular.


I’m in Santa Cruz, California now with my sister for the next ten days to help care for my 96 year old mother who gave us a scare last month.  We were afraid we were going to lose her!  Even though the crisis has passed, she is frail and needing our love and attending to.  Plus, my sister primary caregiver needs a break!  So, here I am before returning to Mexico on July 27, when I will go next to Guanajuato for a week and then return to Santa Cruz and then Los Angeles to continue to help and visit with my family.


Meanwhile, Puebla in the rain is beautiful, isn’t it?



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  1. Norma–It sounds like your schedule is a little hectic–the rain sounds like a nice, soothing diversion for a few hours. Good luck with your mother–you’re lucky you can spend time with her now. I was very grateful about seven years ago when Ted and Ellie encouraged me to go and stay with my mom. I did for quite a while. It was a wonderful blessing to be able to be with my mom–I feel very lucky and I’m sure you do as well.

    • Robin, it is such an honor for a daughter to witness and support an aging mother. I pat her back and prepare her food and give her loving words as I imagine that she did for me when I first entered into the world. Yes, I am lucky. Thank you for your tender words of empathy.

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