About Immigration, “The Girl” Movie Opens This Weekend, Filmed in Oaxaca

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez from Democracy Now interview independent film maker David Riker and award-winning Australian actress Abbie Cornish who made a movie about what it means to be involved in the human trafficking of undocumented immigrants who do America’s work.

The Girl is an intimate story that reminds us that Mexicans and Central Americans are the people who care for our children, tend our gardens, and  work in our fields to provide us with food.  The story is told from the point-of-view of a young Texas woman who unwittingly becomes involved with The Girl, portrayed by Maritza Santiago from Oaxaca.  Maritza was selected from 3,000 girls who tried out for the part when she was nine years old.

If you don’t do anything else today, please watch this video clip interview below and when the full-length feature film comes your way, please see it. Thank you!  Opens March 8 in New York and March 16 in Los Angeles.

The Girl is a microcosm. Here in Oaxaca and in our village — in fact in most villages throughout the state, men and women leave their families behind to find work, send money home to support their families, and suffer incredible hardship. I know people who have been left behind and many who have gone to the U.S. and returned. They are honorable, decent and hardworking people who are family centric. It is a tragedy that the United States does not have a more human immigration policy.

6 responses to “About Immigration, “The Girl” Movie Opens This Weekend, Filmed in Oaxaca

  1. Hi Norma, Pat, and Suzanne,
    Did any of you have any luck finding this movie? A friend in the states is looking for a movie filmed in Oaxaca that would be suitable for her Girl Scout Troop (maybe this wouldn’t be?). Thanks for any leads!

  2. Hi Norma,
    Glad you sent this. I listen to or watch Democracy Now every day and saw this portion. David Riker, the film maker, said he lives in Oaxaca. i put it on my save list on Netflix, as it would never come to our rural, lowest common denominator movie theater.

    • Pat, good idea to put a Netflix watch on this movie. I’ll do the same. While I live near Chapel Hill some months during the year, it may come in and out of a theatre when I’m not there. Thanks for the suggestion and comment.

  3. Thanks so much for this. I passed it on to my entire contact list.

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