Mexico is New Land of Opportunity Says New York Times

Professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and filmmakers from Europe, Asia and the Americas are moving to Mexico to find a business and creative environment conducive to self-expression and financial success.

As China becomes too costly for manufacturing, Europe too glutted with educated people and limited job prospects, and the United States closed to innovation without huge sums for investment, Mexico is becoming the new land of opportunity.

You can read The New York Times story here.

I have found this to be true for me, as interest and registrations for our workshops continue to grow.  As a destination to discover, Mexico has a rich cultural history, incredible arts and crafts, and a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to self-expression.

2 responses to “Mexico is New Land of Opportunity Says New York Times

  1. Norma! I love your blog. Your descriptions of Morrocco, of Oaxaca, Mexico City, you name it…..wonderful!
    The article you list here from the NYTimes (Mexico: Land of Opportunity) is excellent and makes me take special pride in my Mexico. Welcome one ‘n all to this wonderful country!
    Hope to visit with you when you return to the Americas-side of the world. Have much to tell you! Best, Elena

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