Day of the Dead Best Photos: Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson is a mining engineer from Trinidad, Colorado.  He just got a new DSLR camera and wanted to learn how to use it.  His wife, poet Kate Kingston, recommended that he join us for the Day of the Dead Photography Expedition.  She loves Oaxaca and this was Ron’s first visit.   Katie came along and used the time to write, soak in the Day of the Dead experience, and gather writing inspiration from the celebrations.  [She was with us for the first Women’s Creative Writing and Yoga Retreat four years ago and as a result of that workshop was a finalist for the Pablo Neruda poetry prize.]

By the end of the week, Ron had downloaded and learned to use Lightroom photo editing software and was shooting all photos on manual — selecting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.  Comfortable with photographing flowers and still life, he moved quickly and easily to portraiture and landscape thanks to Frank Hunter’s teaching and coaching.

Here are the photos Ron selected to represent his best of the week work.  The selection was part of our final photography fiesta.  We invited our host families to join us in dinner and the show.

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4 responses to “Day of the Dead Best Photos: Ron Thompson

  1. Wow!! I am deeply impressed with Ron’s “initial” efforts.. I have worked with and hired photographers for years during the time I worked for Mexico´s ex-President, Miguel Aleman, when he headed the Mexican National Tourism Council (10 years) as I was responsible for international media and all printed promotional material that went to English-speaking countries. Later, I continued with similar work at Burson Marsteller (international PR firm) when I managed the Mexico account (SECTUR) to promote my beloved Mexico abroad (and crisis control worldwide with the media). – I have to give your wonderful photography class a special accolade, Norma: their photography is such that I needed and could use over the years. ¡It is sheer ART!! Heartfelt congratulations to all of you and especially to you, Norma, for organizing the workshop with such an extraordinary teacher, Frank Hunter!
    Please post more pictures! Elena

    • Thanks, Elena. The people in this group really opened their eyes to see the world of Oaxaca for all its beauty, color, and historical, cultural significance. thanks so much for your compliments. I know our participants will appreciate reading them.
      Un abrazo,

  2. What beautiful photos – they really let me feel the place and the people – thank you for posting – what a wonderful workshop. does one have to be an experienced photographer to do this?

    • Claudia, we welcome beginners. The beauty of this workshop is that it helps people get off of automatic to better understand and use the manual settings — which equals better control over the photograph. Frank really emphasizes the way to look at and capture light. The important thing is a willingness to be open to experimentation and not expect a perfect photo every time. It does help to load Lightroom photo editing software onto your computer before the workshop begins, but you do not have to be fluent in Lightroom. Having rudimentary knowledge or experience with it will be helpful.

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