Silver Jewelry Makers to Leave Oaxaca

Silversmiths Brigitte Huet and her husband Ivan Campant are making their last sterling silver jewelry castings in December 2013.  They will dismantle their Oaxaca Kand-art studio in early January 2014 to prepare for a permanent move to Brittany, France in early spring.  For over twenty years, Brigitte and Ivan have been carving intricate, traditional  Mexican designs derived from Azetc, Mixtec and Zapotec symbology using the ancient lost wax casting method.   Sadness does not begin to express how I feel about this.  It is a creative loss for Oaxaca.

Here is a message from Brigitte and Ivan to share with you:

Dear Friends,

I write because we may have met in Oaxaca, during one of our trips to the United States, or in a jewelry making workshop you attended.  Perhaps you collected and wear one of our jewelry creations.  I write to share this news with you.  

My husband Ivan and I are returning to France in March 2014 where we will live permanently.  It has been a difficult decision since Oaxaca has been our home for over 20 years and we have met many wonderful people like you during the time we have lived and worked here.

We want to stay connected to you and hope you will join our Facebook page ( we post photographs and the process of how we work.   There will be new designs to come, too.  We will create these after we settle into our new home in France.  My Facebook email is or

Who knows ?  Perhaps you will come to visit us there or we will see you again somewhere else!  Maybe even in Oaxaca!  Thank you for your interest and support of our work.  We appreciate it.

Con besos y abrazos – with kisses and hugs – a bientôt – until we meet again,

Brigitte Huet and Ivan Campant


Their work can be found at El Nahual Gallery, 5 de Mayo, Central Historico, Oaxaca.  They are also accepting special orders which they will cast and make before they leave.  For any of you who know their work, you know how finely detailed it is, the quality of the workmanship, and the love and caring that goes into each piece.  For those of us who love Mexico, Kandart work represents a contemporary interpretation of pre-Hispanic life and reverence for the forces of nature:  earth, wind, fire, water, sun and moon, soaring eagle, grecas and caracols.  The codices become wearable art.

Yesterday, Brigitte and Ivan came to the casita for lunch.  They brought with them treasured plants to entrust in my care.  I promise to care for them well.  We talk about their future and leaving Oaxaca.  We talk about how everything they own must fit into one small shipping container.  We talk about how tourism has changed since the 2006 APPO demonstrations, fear of drug violence, and the economic crash of 2009.

I am reading Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein, M.D., a Buddhist psychiatrist-therapist.  He talks about transience and letting go.  He reminds me of the impermanence of all things.  He tells  me to be mindful of each moment and the beauty therein.  To be is more important than to do.

This is a perfect lesson for me as I begin to say goodbye to Brigitte and Ivan.  They are leaving Oaxaca but they are not leaving my life.  A bientot.  Until the next time.  Perhaps in Bretagne.

8 responses to “Silver Jewelry Makers to Leave Oaxaca

  1. I and some friends will be doing an event for Brigitte in December, probably the 19th, at my home in Jalatlaco. If anyone wants to be on the invitation list please contact me through There is a button on the website to use to contact me.

  2. I send farewells and loads of love to Brigitte and Ivan. My memories of their classes are vivid. They are true masters. I learned so much! We shall meet again!!
    I shall treasure the bracelets and rings I have of their work forever!!!
    Thanks to Norma and her classes I was blessed to meet and learn from Brigitte and Ivan.

    • Carol, I’m tearful reading this. Thank you for the tribute to Brigitte and Ivan. I know they would love hearing this from you directly. You could add your words to their Facebook page. Thank YOU for your trust in me to offer you this experience. -Norma

  3. I feel honored to have met Brigitte and wear her jewelry. All who know her, love and display her and Ivan’s work, on our fingers, ears, necks, arms, – form part of that informal, but “elite” group I affectionately call the “Brigisttas”.
    I am sorry to see them leave Oaxaca. A great loss!

  4. Meeting Brigitte and Ivan in Oaxaca has always been a highlight. Every time I wear their special creations I receive joy in remembrance of My travels and of their creativity. Glad to know special orders are still possible. Bien viaje. Ojala que ver los dos en el futuro!

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