Best Medical Care in Mexico City and Oaxaca

Where to get the best medical care in Mexico and in Oaxaca, has been foremost on my mind for the last month. Here are recommendations.

We are still reeling from Suzie’s accident on February 20, when the guide/driver of the car she was riding in hit a concrete barricade on the way to Teotihuacan. The UNESCO World Heritage site in the Estado de Mexico, is about 30 miles northeast of Mexico City. On impact, Suzie suffered a traumatic head injury and went into a coma.  The ambulance took her to an public emergency clinic (not hospital) in Coacalco de Berriozobal, located between the pyramids and the city. They were poorly equipped to handle this type of trauma and it took us hours to get her moved to receive proper care.

Best Hospitals in Mexico City

  1. ABC Hospital Observatorio Campus. Telephone for Emergencies, 55-5230 8161. American British Cowdray Hospital is known to have the best medical facilities in the entire country. It is accredited by the Joint Commission International. Doctors and staff are bilingual. Emergency medicine is top-notch. This is where you want to be to get attention you deserve as a human being.
  2. Angeles Hospital, Agrarismo 208, Col. Escandon, Mexico City, Del Miguel Hidalgo C.P. 11800, Tel. 5516 9900. Elena Hanna says she got great treatment here for an emergency and doctors/staff speak English.

Best Medical Care in Oaxaca City, Mexico 

After the accident and in preparation for upcoming workshops, I am now requiring that all Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC workshop participants have health/accident/emergency evacuation insurance coverage. I recommend the same for you.

Then, because it is essential to know, I researched the best emergency and general medical care available in Oaxaca City, asking Oaxaqueños and long-time ex-pat residents. Here is what I found out to share with you.

Best Hospitals in Oaxaca City

  1. Hospital del Valle, Eucaliptos 401, Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca, Oaxaca.  (951) 515-2563

  2. Hospital Reforma, Calle Reforma 613 near Humboldt,, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, (951) 516-0989

  3. Clinica Hospital Carmen, Abasolo 215, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, (951) 516-0027
  4. Clinica Las Rosas for ophthalmology, Las Rosas 308, Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca, (951)513-9030

Best Doctors in Oaxaca City

  1. Javier Guzman, M.D.,  Sabinos 204, Colonia Reforma, Cell: 044 (951) 548-1245, general surgery, diagnostics
  2. Alberto Zamacona, M.D., Libres 604, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, (951) 513-6422 and (951) 130-8730, general practitioner, bilingual
  3. Ramon Mondragon, M.D., on Pino Suarez, (951) 514-2306, (951) 515-7259 and (951) 547-0054, cardiology

Best Dentists in Oaxaca City

  1. Dr. Rafael Medina, Cielo 203, Lomas del Creston, Oaxaca, phone: 52 951 513 9520. His partner is Dr. Edgar Barroso who specializes in crowns and root canals, recommended by Leslie Larson.
  2. Dr. Angel Gomez, recommended by Tom Holloway.
  3. Dr. Daniel Tenorio, Abasolo, recommended by Jo Ann and Tom Feher.


Please contribute to this list by adding  a comment about “the best” from your experience!

I want to add these BESTS: neurosurgeon, dentist, oncologist, dermatologist, and any other fields you think would help people seeking high quality health care and emergency treatment in Oaxaca.  Thank you.

Travelers Note: It may be worthwhile to consider making your own list of best emergency medical facilities and doctors wherever you are traveling to next. Accidents happen and you don’t want to be caught by surprise or without enough time to respond quickly. When I go to Barcelona and Fes next autumn, I intend to do just this!

Suzie Update: Her brother tells me she is being moved to a long-term care facility that helps people with her kind of injury. She is opening her eyes and moving her feet and remains in a semi-coma. Suzie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker employed at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student health services where she worked with students. Talented and loved.


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  1. I am looking for a good physical therapist in Oaxaca City, who can help treat tendonitis in my legs. I don’t need any exercises, but need someone with the equipment who can help calm down the inflammation. Thank you.

  2. Norma,
    First of all, thank you for posting this very valuable information.
    Doctor Zamacona, excellent doctor. Very thorough, knowledgeable and great demeanor. I visited twice for my annual physical exam. I arrived at his office and was seen within ten minutes both visits. Perfect English and very patient. My labwork was done at Galindo Laboratorios, a few blocks from Dr. Z’s office. Very efficient lab. I stopped back 4 hours later for a copy of my results and then followed up with Doctor Z.

    Dentist Ángel Gómez, excellent as well. I stopped by to make an appointment. His office is near Benito Juárez market on Bustamante Street. Excellent English as he studied in Michigan. Very updated equipment for teeth cleaning. An explanation of the procedure during.

    I highly recommend both of these professionals.

    Enjoy your time in Oaxaca. 🙂

    Norma, thank you once again.

    Andrew Safkow

  3. I am coming to Oaxaca jan. 20 and will need to have my third pre exposure rabies shot around Jan. 22 or January 28. Can anyone recommend a hospital or clinic that gives rabies inoculations? pRE Exposure! This is a prophylactic set of shots.

    Thank you.

    Susan deLone

  4. We’ve really loved Dr. Medina as our dentist. Thorough, top-notch work. And he and his wife have a program for giving free dental care to kids out in the pueblos. We lived here 2006 – 2008 and we saw him then and we make time to see him on every visit back to Oaxaca. Saves a bundle compared to NYC dentists!

  5. Thanks for this information!
    I tried calling Dr. Z but the first number does not pick up and there is no anwering machine. The second one says it is not a working number. Any idea if he has moved? or ??
    Really great to have all this listed and all of the comments. So good to have when you are in need help quick.

  6. I provide therapeutic coaching ( therapy with a coaching focus) for the English speaking expat community in Oaxaca. I am from the USA and have my Psyd. I have over 20 years experience. I specialize in successfully helping people struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship issues. And I can also help you with a variety of other challenges. My goal is to help you heal and move forward in your life in a positive direction. You deserve a happy, fulfilling life! Send me an email at for more information. I am happy to help..

    Wendy Morgan

  7. I went to see Dr Zamacona Esparza today. Fotunately it was for a minor ailment however he spoke perfect English, seemed very competent and was a good listener. I felt that I had good care and an appropriate dianosis and prescription.
    Note that his office is at Libres 604 not 610. Call first to check surgery hours.

  8. Is there a way I can send a brief medical question to Dr. Zamocona via email? It has to do with if and how one can get a prescription here. IT is very general in nature. Or if there is a general web site for these types of questions?

  9. I recently, March of 2016, had dental work done by Dr. Gomez while I was in Oaxaca and I was immensely pleased with both the final results and the whole process. I needed a three tooth bridge. Dr. Gomez was willing to work around my somewhat limited time constrictions. On my first visit, after a thorough examination of the over-all state of my teeth, he began to work and worked for a number of hours so that the rest of the necessary work could be completed before i had to leave. From the outset i was impressed with a number of things. On a personal level he is friendly, casual, relaxed, easy to talk to, very informed and informative, wanting me to know exactly what my options were, what he recommended and why. Given my limited Spanish, his perfect command of English was very helpful. On a professional level, i was continually impressed by his meticulous patience, carefully making minor adjustment, testing, re-adjusting, testing again and again until everything was just right. The final result was a bridge that fit perfectly and, since the day it was put in place, felt just like my natural teeth with no initial “getting-used-to” period at all. I plan to go back to him in the future to deal with other dental needs. I have friends here in the states who are planning to do so also since the savings on cost more than covers the price of the trip. I couldnt recommend him more highly.

    Thank you, Dr. Gomez.

  10. Hi Norma,

    Thank you so much for this great resource and all the commenter’s information is valuable as well! I am reaching out for help.
    I have been planning on bringing my brother Alan and sister in law Angie to Oaxaca in October as I just love it and know they will too. I cancelled on taking them a few years ago and don’t want to cancel again just because I now have a medical issue. I wasn’t planning on this but am now wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone–I need a Pet Scan and have plans for Oaxaca. Do you know if there is a place there where I can get a Pet Scan or can you put me in touch with someone who would know. There are a number of places around Mexico where I could go, but Oaxaca is the place of my bro and sis in laws’ dreams. Anyone I can contact to find out about this? Thank you in advance if you can in any way get this information.


  11. My wife and I received excellent care from Dr. Zamacona. He was knowledgeable and very kind. And he speaks English.

  12. Hey Norma,
    I have a friend who’s been in a bad accident on the coast and is in a full leg cast; she needs to find a nursing facility where she can live for a while when she returns to Oaxaca next week. I’m going to check with Dr. Z for references, but do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Oh, Susan, I am so sorry to hear this! I do not know of any skilled nursing or rehabilitation facilities in Oaxaca. Let’s ask around and get some recommendations so I can post a blog and let everyone know. Ask at a private hospital, like Hospital Reforma. They may refer her. -Norma

  13. Thank you so much for the medical information you posted on your site. This week I experienced chest pains in the night. I looked up oaxaca / doctors / heart and your site came up. I got an appointment with Ramon mondragon. He immediately booked me in hospital Carmen for a dangerous arrhythmia. He had ordered many other tests and is very thorough, an excellent specialist. Thanks again for directing me to the best!! Who knows, I may have had a heart attack or a stroke.

    • Joanne, wow! I’m so glad that whatever it was you had was averted and that we were a resource for you when you needed it. Thank you for writing and sharing your experience with Dr. Mondragon. Let’s all stay healthy! -Norma

  14. We second the recommendations of Dr Daniel Tenorio for dental treatment, he is excellent and painless!!

    Dr Z is a wonderful physician who will send you to the appropriate person if he does not feel he knows the answers. Dr Z will accompany you through any medical problem you might face. We are thankful to count him among our trusted friends..

  15. I also had a great experience with dentist Dr. Daniel Tenorio. He is bilingual.

  16. I’m in Oaxaca now, I’m a graduate student doing an internship. I stupudly got a tattoo from a very respected shop but seem to be having the beginnings of an infection. I wanted to know are there emergency facilitiesin Oaxaca that are bilingual? Gracias, S.

  17. Recommended Dentist:
    Marta Ortega on Naval Militar #402 in Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca
    Bilingual, specialty crowns and posts, gentle hands

  18. Thanks for the article, I never used to think about these things until I had a bike accident and injured my eye of all things! So my recommendation is the hospital Associacion Para Evitar la Ceguera in Mexico City (apparently there was no-one in Oaxaca who could operate in my case, according to my ophamologist). It was very good for my eye surgery. It’s a public hospital, so it’s also cheap and they have specialist departments for many different areas of the eye. A lot of foreigner doctors train there too.

    • Kirsty, glad to hear from you. Sorry about your accident and so happy to know you got good medical care in Mexico City for your eye surgery. I trust all is good now! Thank you for this advice. I know people will appreciate it.

  19. Dr. Alberto Zamacona is very efficent in organizing, when necessary, a medical team of specialists. During my last bout of bronchial pnemonia, he arranged
    hospitalization at Hospital Reforma, organized the team of specialists (radiology, pulmonology, cardiology) and followed up with home visits.

  20. Norma,

    A good dentist I have used for crown work is Dr. Angel Gomez. He speaks perfect english, has his own dental lab where they make the crowns on site and has a Masters Degree in Prosthodontics from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. His website is

  21. Dear Norma,

    We would agree with listing Clinica Carmen and also in the Dentists listing adding Daniel Tenorio. We have used Daniel for several years, and we and our Seattle dentist have been very happy with his work. He speaks excellent English, His office is on Abasolo between Juarez and Reforma- very convenient.

  22. The ABC Hospital has its additional newer campus in Santa Fe (westside of Mexico City ) and yes, it is good (expensive). Except that I encountered not so good Emergency care at the Santa Fe campus when my daughter had a problem (perhaps because they were new…no electricity that day).
    The other topnotch (bilingual) hospital in Mexico City and various points now (Queretaro, etc), around Mexico, is the ANGELES Hospital. They saved my life in Emergency care plus hospitalization when I went in with a misdiagnosed major pneumonia. I have high regard for their services, as well as the ABC Hospitals.

  23. About five years ago some of us volunteered to gather information about healthcare in San Miguel de Allende , GTO Mexico and now five years later this is the result of our completely volunteer work-we don’t charge anyone for the service. Our website has some general information about Mexican Medical systems in Mexico and how to choose your primary doctor that could be valuable to anyplace in Mexico. Take a look Pat Scott

  24. Alberto Zamacona
    Diplomado en Obesiddad y Nutricion.
    English Spoken: Call: 513-130 8730 or Cell …

    gives good flu shots every fall for 500 pesos

  25. Alberto Zamacona saved my life. I know several people who have said the same to me about themselves. I know him to be a sweet, caring, loving person, very generous with his time.

    Being bilingual is not a trivial thing to people who have no or inadequate Spanish. It cuts through a lot of mistakes in understanding one another.

    I understand some of Alberto’s shortcomings, and like most gringos of my age, I have been butchered more than once by doctors “back home”. As a result, I try, as much as possible, to be a full participant in my medical care decisions.

  26. cardiology expert well known.
    Clinica Carmen is not bad at all and has great doctors
    associated with it, including best intensive care specialist
    in Oaxaca.
    should be listed.

  27. agree about Rafa the dentist.

  28. Alberto Zamacona, M.D., Libres 610, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, (951) 513-6422 and (951) 130-8730, general practitioner, bilingual
    not equipped to handle anything outside of nutrition.

  29. Hi Norma,

    Excellent dentist, visited personally, totally up to date office, very knowledgeable and thorough: Dr. Rafael Medina, Cielo 203, Lomas del Creston, Oaxaca, phone: 52 951 513 9520. His partner, who I did not meet, is Dr. Edgar Barroso who specializes in crowns and root canals. Leslie

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