Where, What and When: My Last Three Weeks in Mexico

I haven’t posted much in the last three weeks and I’m sorry.  Some of you may be wondering about that. It began with our Looking for Diego Rivera Art History Tour in Mexico City three weeks ago.

Rivera1 The day we were set to gather for our first dinner together to launch our program, Suzie and Lydia were in a taxi crash.  Suzie has been in a coma ever since.  This has been an extraordinary difficult time for Suzie’s family, as we have reconstructed the accident and follow-up care. In the melee of getting her moved from a small, suburban clinic to a major Mexico City medical center that could handle her head injury, I lost my journal where I recorded every detail of her first clinic stay.


The journal also held my notes about the great Mexican muralists Rivera, Orozco and  Siquieros, and the comprehensive Maya art exhibit at the Palacio Nacional.

Maya1-4 Maya1-3 Maya1-2

Then, as soon as I got back to Oaxaca, our weeklong Women’s Creative Writing and Yoga Retreat started. I have always participated in this program in addition to doing the administrative and logistical support. So, I was detoured from writing the blog, but plunged in to write about Suzie and my experience trying to help her get the care she deserved but didn’t get. It was a wonderful retreat and I produced several personal essays that I intend to publish. Add to this a deadline to close on a home mortgage, and I was covered up in details.


The day this retreat ended, a weaving workshop began.  It has just ended, and I feel that now I have breathing space to take a look at the photos, tell you about the extraordinary murals we saw in public spaces, the Mayan art and civilization exhibit at the Palacio Nacional, and delicious food we discovered in elegant restaurants and humble markets.


Suzie was evacuated to Georgetown Hospital. She opened her eyes briefly and we are hopeful. Yet, she remains in a coma. Her family has moved her to long-term care where she can get constant medical attention. When she improves, the next step will be to begin rehabilitation. We all send prayers for that day to come very soon.

Again, I remind all international travelers to please purchase health and accident insurance that includes medical emergency evacuation.  Accidents happen and none of us is immune.



10 responses to “Where, What and When: My Last Three Weeks in Mexico

  1. Dear Norma, I am just getting to the states and have 1 more flight to go. The weaving workshop and subsequent days in Oaxaca are some of the best days I’ve had in too many to remember!
    You definitely deserve a few days (weeks) of rest. I have returned home with rugs and other souvenirs but my memories are the best treasures from this trip. Though I’ve never met her, I do think of Suzie often. Please keep us updated on her condition. Missing Mexico, Becky

    • Becky, so great to know you and have you with us for the weaving workshop with Federico. I’m so happy your time here was memorable — as I hoped it would be. Thank you for your energy, good humor, talent, and overall wonderful way of being. I am happy to welcome you back any time. Go safely into the world, think of us, and pray for Suzie’s quick and full recovery. Missing you! Norma

  2. TravelGuard is a good company, they have various levels of insurance, and you can select to increase the medical evacuation coverage as well.

  3. I just love the beautiful pictures you always have. Thank-you.

  4. If you are a USAA member they offer travel insurance. (People with military connections are USAA eligible). Also, when you purchase an airline ticket you usually have some options to purchase insurance.
    My heart goes out to Suzie and her family.

  5. Any recommendation on International medical insurance firm one can speak with?

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