Pictures of the Exhibition: Today at Las Bugambilias B&B

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8 responses to “Pictures of the Exhibition: Today at Las Bugambilias B&B

  1. thank you, norma. i can wait until october for you to check with manuel reyes. do you know his price range? carolyn

  2. norma, would you be able to get a manuel reyes piece for me? i am interested in his hand. (i saw it on your site on feb 19, 2014). if yes, please let me know the price and the cost of shipping. thank you, carolyn

    • Carolyn, I saw Manuel Reyes on Saturday and he has returned to Yanhuitlan. I just got your request today. I won’t be going to visit him again until late October. Yanhuitlan is in the Mixteca, almost two hours from Oaxaca. I am sorry I won’t be able to help you with your request now, but when I go in October I will try to take photos and see what he has. I am sorry to disappoint you. -Norma

  3. Norma! I would have bought that rug the two dimpled women were holding in a second!
    Thanks for showing us what we missed! There’s always more
    (thankfully) !

    • Hi Lynn, yes there are always more! This one is special– woven with gold threads, 22 threads per inch and a fine macrame border. If you want it it can find out cost, send you a PayPal invoice and get it to you by “friend courier” in mid August. It’s a wall tapestry. Not to walk on! Abrazos, Norma

  4. Love my pineapple candles from Viviana Hipolito (Teotitlán del Valle) and am jones-ing for the perro by sculptor Manuel Reyes from Yanhuitlán. Kudos Norma for organizing the sale!

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