This Is a Test: Is This Post in Your Inbox?

I am not a tekkie, I’m a writer, although I’m also the webmaster, unfortunately. The back-end stuff ties me in knots. About a month ago, the company that hosts this WordPress blog, DreamHost, migrated to a new operating software. Yesterday, a couple of emails came in from readers who said they hadn’t received blog posts in a while.  I found out that in the process of installing the new software, I was unaware that the identification code to transmit my blog to subscribers changed. So, I’ve spent most of the morning figuring out how to find it.  I think I have been successful.  Please let me know, Dennys and Susanne and others, if you have gotten this post.

Friends of Guadalupe Update: 25 Donors and Counting!

Now, I’m back in the Teotitlan del Valle casita, unpacking after almost two months of visiting family and friends in the USA. It’s quiet and peaceful here. Everything is green from recent rains. More to come!

11 responses to “This Is a Test: Is This Post in Your Inbox?

  1. always happy to receive your posts.
    just a friendly reminder about the manuel reyes ceramic piece of a hand!
    aloha, carolyn

  2. All good here. Will arrive OAX on 18 OCT — can’t wait.

  3. Yes happy return to you even though we never met Smiles

  4. Yes, i have received lucious- looking photos of dinners

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