Natural Dyes and Indigo Blue Easter Eggs

I’ve never seen dyed Easter eggs here in Oaxaca, but perhaps someone could correct me if I just haven’t noticed them. Yet, here we are in the world of natural dyes. My personal favorite is indigo blue. So, when this post from Improvised Life came to my inbox this morning, I felt compelled to share it.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs Made Simple

This segues into the world of natural dyes here in Oaxaca, where a kilogram of indigo from the coast costs over $100 USD. In the spirit of indigo blue, I’d like to share these photos with you of indigo blue dyed textiles taken during recent Natural Dye Textiles and Weaving Study Tour programs.


Thanks to Juana Gutierrez, Galeria Fe y Lola, Alfredo Hernandez Orozco, Bii Dauu Cooperative, Elsa Sanchez Diaz, Arturo Hernandez and Porfirio Gutierrez for their talent to keep the world of natural dyes alive here.

4 responses to “Natural Dyes and Indigo Blue Easter Eggs

  1. Thank you Norma for your hard work in educating people about this lost practice.

    Porfirio Gutierrez

    • Thank you, Porfirio. It’s not really work but my passion to support weavers who work in natural dyes and show people how important it is to acknoedge their hard work! So, Thanks to you and Juana and Antonio for the beauty you create. Norma

  2. Last weekend, I took a cochineal class with Teotitlan weaver, Francisco Bautista, who lives here in Portland with his family and his uncle’s family. His father is still in Teotitlan with other family members. Francisco is continuing the natural dye tradition he learned from his father and grandfather in Teotitlan. He stirred his cochineal with a stick of wood from Oaxaca. Our yarn was beautiful and rich and reminded me of my wonderful time in Teotitlan.

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