Mexican Immigrants Help North Carolina Friends Dig Out, Clean Up After Hurricane Matthew

I got this message today from dear friends who live near the tributaries of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. The important note is that they are safe, and that they could employ Mexican immigrants (we don’t ask if they have papers) to help them dig out.

THANK YOU,  to the Mexicans who travel here in search of jobs, we appreciate your work ethic and desire to pitch in, to send money home to your families, and we honor and respect you.

Here’s part of the message:

“Most folks who know us are aware that our 12 acre property was under water during Hurricane Fran 20 years ago, the day we were to move into our new home. There has been occasional minor flooding since then. Although we have carried flood insurance, we have never had to use it until now.  This time was a little different with the creek behind our property overflowing upstream and coming across the front yard, in addition to the back 3 acres flooding over the lower banks.  The house, which is slightly higher than the ground, quickly ended up as an island amidst rushing water on all sides.  Two neighbors who came down to offer help were also stranded in the house with us when we finally called 911.  The 4 of us and our 2 goats were evacuated via a Swift Water Rescue motor boat.

It must have been quite a sight! Unfortunately our youngest goat drowned earlier.  That tragedy has been the worst part of all.  The 12 chickens spent the night in our upstairs bathroom and the dog and 2 cats stayed together in the upstairs bonus room.  The 2 horses were on high ground and entertained by all the excitement and extra loving. Our neighbor is the anchor for the nightly news so once again the farm was featured!

Fortunately water did not come directly into the house.  Yesterday there was 2 ft. of standing water in the crawl space beneath the house, about 2 inches from the sub-flooring.  After pumping 24 hrs. we still have about water so are unable to assess the full damage to the flooring.  We do know that we lost ducts, installation, all of our HVAC units and a hot water heater.  The yard and pastures were littered with debris.  2 freezers we used for animal feed storage floated away as well as the chicken coops and tack shed inventory. Minor water is in the vehicles.

God mysteriously touches us when we least expect it. We located 8 Hispanic migrant workers who were out of work due to the loss of the  tobacco crop.  Greeting us with grateful and smiling faces, they worked all day yesterday and today to rebuild fences and shelters for our animals.  

It is a beautiful Fall day and hard to believe that so much has happened here.”

I’m so happy my friends are safe. That they have help. And, that I am here to vote against the wall.

13 responses to “Mexican Immigrants Help North Carolina Friends Dig Out, Clean Up After Hurricane Matthew

  1. Marilyn from North Carolina

    Norma, I too am so happy to see your article. I have loved Mexico since my first visit there 30 years ago. The building of a ‘wall’ makes me upset as I also support the people from Mexico and Central America searching for work and peace from the hard life they are forced to experience. I sympathize with the victims of Syria but what about our very own neighbors that need protection. We build a wall to keep them out or send them back when they are suffering? I don’t understand.
    Thank you for this article and an opportunity to help them out with work. My entire family loves Mexico and I will post this on Facebook also.

    • Hi, Marilyn, thank you for your kind comments. I was so happy to share this story since it totally personalizes how Mexican immigrants help us in so many ways. In Oaxaca, I could not get along as easily as I do without relying on local friends who are there for me to fix, clean and repair. I am grateful for their friendship and amazing work ethic and trust.

  2. Appreciating getting to know you Norma, through your personal posts, while learning about your community of family and friends. It is good medicine to read of the kindness and shared opportunity between the Mexican workers and your friend. Stories like this are antidotes to ‘the wall’ disease.

  3. Is it alright if I share your post on FB?

  4. Your post made me cry with happiness, sadness, and appreciation because I love our Mexican friends, no matter where they live. I feel so blessed to live near Mexico, and so lucky that our three adult children, their partners, and our three grandchildren all love Mexico and the people from there.

  5. Norma thank you so much for relating this story….we all appreciate every one of our Mexican friends whether they are in the USA or in Mexico, and it is wonderful that you acknowledged the people who helped your friends… Warms the heart Abrazos

  6. Hi Norma – is there anything I can do monetarily?

    Thanks, Susanne

  7. I love your Thank You to Mexican workers, and will be sending what you wrote to my friends and family.


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