No Alternative Facts. Send Paul Ryan a Message: Postcards From Oaxaca

I never intended this as a political blog. Far from it. It’s about art, culture, history centered in Oaxaca, Mexico. But, these are unusual times. After the Saturday march here on January 21, that some say 2,000 people attended, I don’t want to sit back. I want to keep the momentum going, as do so many of you, wherever you are. But, I’m in Oaxaca so this is about Oaxaca!

A simple homemade postcard sends a powerful message.

What Can We Do? Open the Floodgates!

I’m asking Oaxaca Expats and all people of civility to join with us to write Paul Ryan a postcard (address below). Tweet Paul Ryan at @SpeakerRyan (thanks, Mary Stellatello). Seems phone lines into his office are clogged. So, let’s find an #alternatepath for our voices to be heard. The messages are simple.  Use these or create your own:

  • Keep the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA)
  • Don’t tamper with Medicare — no privatization
  • Fund Planned Parenthood
  • Respect differences — do not legislate sexual choice
  • Keep our civil and human rights secure
  • Protect our environment, save our planet
  • Build community, not walls
  • Speak out against HR193 that repeals USA participation in the United Nations.

Here is my Facebook message today:

OK, #pussyhatnation There is no PAUSE. #noalternativefacts (notice the ALT). Only today counts. Today is #justthebeginning.

Since Paul Ryan has blocked his office phones and fax numbers, and is turning away people who show up to deliver petitions, time to change tactics.

Please mail post cards to his home address saying NO to defunding Planned Parenthood, NO to repealing the ACA, and NO to privatizing Medicare! (OR NO TO ANY CONGRESSIONAL ACTION YOU DISAGREE WITH)

Janesville, WI 53545

Twitter: @SpeakerRyan

Call to take the survey to #keeptheACA Please participate in Paul Ryan’s survey on the ACA (Obamacare). (202) 225-3031 (option 2), listen all the way to the end, and then press a number if you support the ACA and another if you do not. It takes a couple minutes. You can even leave him a message.

Simple words send loud and clear message to Congress

Roberta Christie and Norma Schafer (me) are collecting postcards addressed to Paul Ryan from Oaxaca expats. We will get them mailed to the USA. Contact us to make arrangements for postcard delivery/collection.

#keepthemomentumgoing #justthebeginning #NMP

You are our elected officials and serve all of us!

26 responses to “No Alternative Facts. Send Paul Ryan a Message: Postcards From Oaxaca

  1. Any new information about number of cards sent or other relevant info?

    Just wondering.

  2. I love your postcard example and shared it with my book club tonight where I passed out postcards and stamps along with addresses!
    Thank you!
    Leslie W.

  3. Using your words as an example of the messages that people can use at our community postcard party in Iowa next week.

  4. Looking forward to mailing postcards from Milwaukee! Great collaboration on this first 10 day action! #YesWeWill #WhyIMarch

  5. Looking forward to mailing postcards from Milwaukee! Great collaboration on this first 10 day action! #YesWeWill #WhyIMarch

  6. Norma— Bravo‼️
    I will send a card….and more.
    Full resistance mode …

  7. GO NORMA!!!
    “We is stronger than I!”
    We can keep the pressure on Washington from Oaxaca!
    I will bring my postcard over.

  8. I’m putting mine in the mail this afternoon. It heartened me to hear of 2000 people marching in Oaxaca. My husband and I marched in Sacramento. It felt good to be among kindred spirits.

  9. Wonderful,idea. I will be happy to,wiryte and pass the idea to others

    Jo Ann

  10. tweet sent – thanks for the idea

  11. Will write a postcard .

    Jo Ann

  12. Happy to participate.

    Jo Ann

  13. Good for you, Norma. I will certainly send a postcard. I’ve been thinking the last few days that Ryan and other women-hating representatives (who are elected for only two years at a time, and Ryan is up again in 2018) should be targeted. They should be scared as Trump’s popularity plunges.

  14. Thank you. Card in the mail. It is definitely important!!

  15. Thanks! I’ll send a card. Great to see the photo of the women’s march in Oaxaca. I live in San Miguel de Allende and some say we had about 2000 attending our march as well!

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