Safety in Mexico City. Advice for Travelers. Featured in Mexico News Daily.

Mexico News Daily asked me to write about SAFETY IN MEXICO CITY.  The feature story was published today! Let me know what you think.


When The New York Times picked Mexico City as the #1 among 52 places to go in the world in 2016, I felt like doing a somersault. Finally, my much beloved and unfairly maligned Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX)—so deserving because of its remarkable history, culture, architecture, archeology, fashion, great food, and sophistication—was being recognized as a top tourist destination.

Recently, the World Tourism Organization Mexico named Mexico City the eighth most popular travel destination, garnering 35 million foreign visitors a year.

Yet, many still consider Mexico City a dangerous place, fraught with robbers, drug lords, pickpockets, scammers, muggers, kidnappers, purse-snatchers and other sordid folk ready to take the unsuspecting visitor for a ride to who knows where.

Read the Complete Feature Story Here!

The Mexico News Daily feature story includes tips for travelers, what to see, how to make a personal safety plan, and other advice based on my years of visiting there.





6 responses to “Safety in Mexico City. Advice for Travelers. Featured in Mexico News Daily.

  1. I travel to Mexico every year for 2 months. I go to the most glorious of all cities, Mexico City. I live in Savannah, Georgia in the Historic District. I would never walk around in Savannah at night by myself. I feel much more unsafe in my own hometown than I have EVER felt in Mexico City, Oaxaca or San Miguel. We walk around at night all the time in Oaxaca. This article says it all! I loved it Norma!

  2. Hi Helen , good article. I didn’t want to get political but I love that there aren’t a lot of guns in Mexican society . I feel safer in Mexico. Frankly my son spent 7 years living in NYC and I felt more concerned for my safety there . All big cities have areas to be avoided and behavior to be avoided as well. Common sense.
    I really feel like Mexico gets a bad rap. Especially with that awful man in office. In fact I worry that his reprehensible treatment of Mexicans will serve to make us less welcome in the future.
    Thank you again,

  3. I love your blog! Thank you for the very helpful and thoughtful article. My husband and I love Mexico and I just bookmarked this to share with my friends who are fearful about traveling there.

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