Oaxaca #DAYOFDINNERS Raises Funds for MALDEF

Twenty-two Oaxaca, Mexico, residents and visitors came together yesterday in Teotitlan del Valle to share food and community, think and talk about injustice, what being “the other” means, our vision of hope for the future, and what divides us and brings us together as human beings.

Our Oaxaca, Mexico #DayofDinners Group

The #DAYOFDINNERS was organized in the United States as a way to address the polarity and viciousness that has taken hold of the nation.

Welcome to Oaxaca Day of Dinners

Partners included Women’s March on Washington, People’s Supper, Take on Hate, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, I am an Immigrant, United We Dream, The Movement for Black Lives.

Our clean-up crew: Jacki, Merry and Roberta

Jacki Cooper Gordon and I chose to co-host this potluck supper as a fundraiser for MALDEF — Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. We raised over $200 USD. I am certain they would welcome your donation, too, and it’s tax deductible (USA).

Yummy food, great company, conversation

A discussion guide was sent to me by the Day of Dinners organizers, and we used some of the questions as a launching pad for conversation. We were urged to keep our conversations personal, to share our individual stories, provide space for each of us to speak and be heard, to curtail the rant about dysfunctional political leadership.

We raised over $200 for MALDEF

For me, it was a wonderful time to better know friends and acquaintances who make Oaxaca home, and welcome visitors.  I was especially grateful that we had a mix of men and women, native and foreign-born, to gain perspective about culture, tradition, politics and privilege. Can we reconcile differences? How?

Teotitlan del Valle tamales with chicken, mole amarillo, made by Ernestina Chavez

Guiding principles and conversation teasers: Give us your life story in 1-minute!

Hosted by Norma and Jacki in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca

Pineapple white mousse cake to finish it off!






4 responses to “Oaxaca #DAYOFDINNERS Raises Funds for MALDEF

  1. Norma,
    Thank you for the ways you bring people together , it’s really encouraging.

    • Hi, Jennifer. We have to keep trying to make our world a better place, even a little bit helps. For me, it keeps me focused on The possibilities for what if … rather than rant about the ugliness in some human beings. These are sad, often depressing times. But there is beauty around us and hope for our future. What comes. Ext has always been more important to me than dwelling on what might have been, if only I had blah blah blah. Be well.

  2. You are special Norma. How lovely. And loving.
    Mexico is lucky to have you and visa versa!!
    In the end we are all related. We need to cherish this family of ours.
    Viva Oaxaca!!

    • Hi, Carol, thank you. It’s not that hard to have caring and concern for others. Yes, we are all of the same family of humankind, and we have an innate responsibility to care for our community, regardless of color, faith, or social status. If we are humbled by our birth privilege and power, this gives us great perspective to reach out and see others as we see ourselves, with flaws, strengths, opportunities, and the set-backs that each of us experiences. I missed you yesterday. Perhaps when the CC Women return this winter, we can do this again. Much love, Norma

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