Videos–A World of Makers in One T-Shirt: #whomademyclothes

Today, I’m setting out to take visitors from Australia to meet some of the Oaxaca weavers of fine textiles who work in natural dyes. They make the finished product. But it gets me to thinking about all the people who were part of the creation process.

I think, today, I will ask our weavers, Where does the dye come from? Where does the wool come from? Who spins it? What about the cotton? Is it imported? Grown in Mexico? Commercially spun? This whole discussion makes me more curious!

Here is a short, one-minute + video from NPR sent to me by Judi Ross. It’s beautiful and personal. It’s a visual story worth taking time out to see.



I think its fascinating to think about all the people in the world whose hands have touched what we wear.


4 responses to “Videos–A World of Makers in One T-Shirt: #whomademyclothes

  1. I think it would be a great for you to ask those questions! Especially if you can get the truth rather than what they think tourists want to hear. Can’t wait for further posts on this. Your class sounds really wonderful.

    • Hi Janette, good to hear from you! I did ask some of these questions to some of the families we visited today. Yes. There seems to be a good response and moderate interest in the topic, so I plan to write more. Thanks for the encouragement. Norma

  2. Thanks Norma…I shared that..well done.

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