Dreaming in Durham, North Carolina: Standing for DACA

Two days ago I walked to the demonstration by the Bull in Downtown Durham. I reminded myself that this is one important reason to be in the USA:

Sisters and Brothers, there is no other way than to join together.

To make a difference, call my elected officials, stand up for what I believe are human rights violations in these times of peril when our judicial system and legislators are failing us.

Other than my family, not much is more important to me than the continuing mistreatment of immigrants and blacks in this country.

Nothing says it more poignantly than this impending repeal of the Dream Act.

I stood and listened to young Dreamers in university, working, paying taxes and social security, contributing to the strength of the American economy, behaving just like me and you.

Speakers and many of us gathered were tearful. Gathering is one way of showing solidarity and to feel better. Daily Action can be more valuable to #resist.

Looking around at the crowd, I could see the faces of my Oaxaca sisters and brothers, the children, women and men who I call my friends and neighbors.

I feel that our democracy is at risk because people who don’t look or worship like us are constantly threatened. We see this pattern around the world in governments that move toward oligarchies and repression.

Please do what you can, wherever you live, to give, call, show up and stand up for Latino immigrants who are profiled, discriminated against and are under threat of deportation.



6 responses to “Dreaming in Durham, North Carolina: Standing for DACA

  1. Thank you for this post Norma . DACA has got to be made permanent. The attitude of this administration is so terrible. It reflects terribly on our nation.
    Congress must act and with compassion for our neighbors.
    While DACA recipients pay taxes they enjoy none of the benefits. My understanding is that every time a dreamer reregisters each two years the fee is 1000.00 dollars. If this is true, this is unconscionable. These our are brightest stars and we should welcome them into this country, their country with open arms.

  2. GO DURHAM FOR DACA! I was born and raised in Durham but now I’m a permanent resident/refugee in Mexico! Pat

  3. Thank you for your posts.

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