Help for Oaxaca 8.2 Earthquake Victims: Donations Accepted

You can make a donation through PayPal or by sending a wire transfer. This is to an NGO supported by painter/artist Maestro Francisco Toledo, and we got this information through his organizations. Many of you have asked. This is an important way you can help.

Thank you,


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  1. Are you still accepting donations?

  2. Hi Norma, I’ve tried to support the IAGO several ways (through their link and direct to ‘’) but neither are accepting payments. The donation to Denise has gone through. Please let me know if you have a method that works… Thanks!

    • Dear Daniel and Hamish. You both had trouble donating to the Toledo Foundation. I did, too, after I heard from Hamish this morning. I searched the internet and finally found a way to reach the Friends of the Foundation through Facebook messenger. I alerted them to the problem we had. They replied by saying they were looking into it. It’s the best I can do. Thank you both so much for wanting to support Oaxaca and our people in the Isthmus. I know Denise’s PayPal account works. So if you gave to Denis Lechner or any others working to repair lives, I thank you. Norma

  3. I want to send some help to the people of Juchitán.
    I am trying to send money via Paypal to the address given, but Paypal refuses saying that I have to go through the institute’s website — where I cannot
    find any links! My Mexican bank does not recognise the name of the Bancomer account. What can I do?

  4. Thanks Norma. Am going into Google to see what areas were affected
    my the earthquake. Had not realized it had gone as far south as

  5. Gracias, Norma!

  6. Yes, this is a very good way to donate and help our beloved Oaxaca friends. The renowned and respected artist, Francisco Toledo, can be trusted to make sure that the funds reach the people in their need.
    Also, the Red Cross is actively coordinating the Help Centers (donations and medical help) around Mexico, especially in Mexico City, which are receiving food donations. I began volunteering for the Red Cross when I was 10 years old in Colima and I am glad to be of help still. Please bring food/medicine donations to the Red Cross if you are in Mexico.

  7. Hi Norma,
    You probably don’t remember me but we met on the flight to Oaxaca in 2011 when I was taking friends to Dia de los Muertos. I wonder if I could send you a donation for the earthquake relief via Paypal and have you send it on?
    I’d rather not sign up for the intl system myself if you would be doing it as well.

  8. I visited Tehuantepec last week and connected with lovely people in the bus on the way there. I cut my visit short, returning to Oaxaca City early and missed being on the epicenter by one day. I think of the people I talked to on the bus who continued to Juchitán and pray that they are okay. Making my donation now.

    Thank you, Norma for posting this and all your posts.

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