Video: Direct Call for Help to San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca, Earthquake Victims

Important message from cultural anthropologist Denise Lechner and medical doctor Anja Widman, who are working with the Ikoots/Huave people in San Mateo del Mar, Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Their coastal village was nearly destroyed after the September 7, 8.2 magnitude earthquake. Please know any gift you make will go to direct aid they will give.

Send me an email if you wish to mail me a check to get funds to them.

And, you might like to see this post I wrote some years ago when I visited San Mateo del Mar and famous backstrap loom weaver Francisca Palafox.

10 responses to “Video: Direct Call for Help to San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca, Earthquake Victims

  1. Hi Norma – please send me an address as to where to mail the check. With the money I send help both of the areas in Oaxaca affected by the earthquake?

    What about Mexico City – do you have a reputable address for them too?

    Thanks, Susanne

    Ps – please send your answer to:

  2. Thank you Norma for posting the information to send donations. And thanks for the connection to your earlier post regarding the weavers in San Mateo del Mar making the disaster personal. I have made a contribution thru the paypal connection you provided. I have had the privilege of visiting Oaxaca and appreciate having access to your blog to stay connected.

  3. We sent $$ again. It is the least we can do. Denise and Anja are wonderful and we are honored to help. Video shows how tough it is.

  4. Norma: get in touch with Adriana Pavón, she is in Oaxaca right now helping. Remember she founded a nonprofit association and can be of assistance. I have been working closely with her all this week after the earthquake. I’ll be checking on your updates. Bless you, Norma!

    • Elena, what’s the name of her non-profit and where in Oaxaca is she helping/working? Thanks so much, Norma

      • Elena, I found her and gave her advice about who to contact to get van to the Isthmus.

        • Great! I am glad you found Adriana Pavón in Oaxaca so fast! Couldn’t answer right away. I was on another situation in regard to ancient Nahuatl village, Santa Rosa Xochiac, near my home in Mexico City (western mountain slopes near Desert of the Lions Nat’l Park). 123 + houses collapsed, more have been evacuated, historic colonial church is hanging by a thread like a cracked eggshell. And the help is too slow in coming. I have friends whose families have lived there for generations, therefore networking to channel help via private associations.
          My paisanos from Chihuahua and I are also helping surrounding states in areas that most need it.

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