Oaxaca, More than Fashion, A Place of Rootedness and Identity: Video

I am an admirer of Eric Mindling who has, over his 30-year relationship with Oaxaca, documented her people with glorious photography, and introduced many travelers to regions far off-the-beaten path. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to life, the grandparents, culture, survival and identity. It gives us pause to think about whether we are sagebrush or tumbleweed — and what we appreciate. I hope you enjoy and share.


22 responses to “Oaxaca, More than Fashion, A Place of Rootedness and Identity: Video

  1. Gracias Norma, This is beautiful.

  2. I don’t believe I have met Beverly, but her response is perfect! Thanks to you, Norma for sending this video to us all.

  3. Norma, we are going to see Porfirio Gutiérrez this week at the Berkeley Museum… Also, we seem to have lost your personal e-mail address… Please let us know! Thanks

    Bob and Margie Kaplan

  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely clip of Eric’s talk, Norma. It’s a great complement to his beautiful book.

  5. Thanks to Kay for sharing Eric Mindling’s rich insights and photographs. His deeply felt tribute to Oaxacan roots is timely in so many ways.

  6. Just wonderful Norma. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Thank you Norma for this video. What a captivating speaker on a topic that is dear to our hearts! Cindy

  8. Christina Taylor-Godwin

    I echo Beverly’s thoughts.
    What a riveting storyteller, both in words and photographs.
    Thank you for sharing this, Norma.

  9. Thank you for this…….deeply felt.

  10. I just ordered his new book.

  11. WOW, This is the most moving, articulate and insightful talk I have ever heard for the preservation of history, family and culture. In this case Oaxacan, Mexican, but it applies to any culture. How eloquently and sensitively stated. It brought tears to my eyes, not just for its truths, but also for the erosion of culture, family and traditions in the world today.

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