Bonus–Yochib, Oxchuc, Chiapas: Portrait of Young Girl with Dog

Oaxaca and Chiapas have a lot in common. They are the two poorest states in Mexico, have the lowest literacy rates and in the rural areas there is little or no access to health care.

Chiapas and Oaxaca have the highest percentage of indigenous people in Mexico, yet they are under-represented in politics and business, lack access to education.

Because of the rural character of each state, people are isolated and removed from the mainstream. They produce some of the most exquisite textiles in all of  Mexico.

For this entire time in Chiapas, I am using only my iPhone 8Plus with zoom lens. All the photos you’ve seen since February 12 are from my portable device with very little editing. I’m a devotee. Thinking of selling other equipment!

Thank you for following this adventure. There is more to come. Our Chiapas Textile Study Tour Group 2 starts this coming Tuesday evening.

Join us for 2019 Chiapas Textile Study Tour, February 27-March 8

14 responses to “Bonus–Yochib, Oxchuc, Chiapas: Portrait of Young Girl with Dog

  1. Beautiful photos Norma!! Hmmm? You got me thinking that I need to upgrade my phone!!

  2. Beautiful photos, Norma!

  3. What a beautiful girl. And what a beautiful handmade coat she has on!! Great pictures, Norma. Looking forward to standing there while you are taking them!

  4. Beautiful photos! The photography equipment you used certainly looks professional and am sure much lighter than the other equipment you lug around.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful and thank you for sharing them.

  6. Your pictures are lovely. The model in this set is precious.

  7. You caputured some lovely pics of this sweet girl Norma

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