North Carolina Hosts Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Weaver with Two Trunk Shows

Omar Chavez Santiago is a fifth generation weaver from Teotitlan del Valle who works in natural dyes. His family operates Galeria Fe y Lola in Oaxaca city. I asked my Congressman G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) to alert the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City that Omar was coming on March 1, 2018,  for his visa interview. Few are successful. Omar received a 10-year visitor visa. He is here and we are excited.

Omar Chavez Santiago explains natural dyes in Oaxaca, Mexico

Wendy Sease, owner of INDIO Durham, will host Omar this weekend for a Mexico Art & Textile Trunk Show. Thank you, Wendy. Please come!



Thanks to Judi Jetson from Local Cloth and Grace Casey-Gouin from Echoview Fiber Mill, for hosting us in the Asheville area. Please let your NC mountain friends know!

Preparing the cochineal dye bath, Teotitlan del Valle

Getting the most intense red possible! Straining the bugs.

Bamboo bobbins with natural dyed wool, ready to weave


15 responses to “North Carolina Hosts Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Weaver with Two Trunk Shows

  1. Norma, please add me to your mailing list. I would love to keep up with the latest news about you and all your beautiful craftsmen.

  2. Norma, so excited to have you here in WNC and to get to see Omar and the beautiful weavings again. I traveled with the Penland group on your tour and want to come back! Will see you next week at Echoview.

  3. We were happy to hear that Omar is visiting. He’ll be another great ambassador for Oaxaca and Mexico. Have his career plans changed? I always liked his rug designs, but thought engineering was in his future. Tell him HI and he’s welcome to visit Madison and the Midwest! Ten years!

    • Hi Kathryn. I will definitely show him your comment and give him love from you and Jim. Eric broke ground. Omar is paving the way. He is a talented weaver and designer with many choices open to him. Madison in summer? Besos.

  4. Somehow I’ve not discovered Fe y Lola, but I will on my next trip to Oaxaca. Norma knows that I love textiles, and maybe have too many, but I can still look!

  5. I love that you contacted your congressman about this! It sounds like he was able to help, but it was you who got the ball rolling! Plus I’ll bet you gave Omar a glowing recommendation!
    Great work Norma!
    Love Lynn

  6. That is terrific news Norma. So happy for Omar. Sounds like a great event this weekend!

  7. How wonderful! We met Omar and his family in 2017 when we were in Oaxaca. We visited his family workshop and he was kind enough to pick us up at our B&B as we were not that familiar with Teotitlan and would have gotten lost for sure. He is a superb ambassador for his community and culture.

  8. So glad you are coming to the mountains. See you next week!


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