Seriously, On The Mexico-US Border

Seeing Rachel Maddow in tears compelled me to action yesterday. I called and emailed both my Senators Burr and Tillis (R). I made donations to legal defense funds.

I live in North Carolina where gerrymandering has determined national elections. I want to think of these representatives as people of good will with an ethical, compassionate center. I want to be hopeful, still.

Living in a Red state means my voice and my vote matters even more.

  • If you live in a Red state, it’s even more important to call and email.
  • If you are a compassionate Republican, your voice is essential.
  • For all of us, taking action and speaking up matters.

Last night 45 (aka Agent Orange) rescinded his executive order to separate families at the border — an immigration deterrent policy gone mad. The executive order is vague and confusing.

There is no resolution for the already 2,300 infants and children who have already been pulled apart and held in separate facilities. News reports this morning tell that ICE border policy is in confusion and agents don’t know what to do anything differently.

We must not let up.

What to do:

  1. Call both your Senators at their local field offices in the state where you live.
  2. Call your U.S. Congressional Representative at their field office, too.
  3. Send a TEXT to 50409 and write in the Message Box RESIST. This is Resistbot which will ID your Senators and Congressional Representatives. It will walk you through the steps, then email your message to them at the end. Simply, write your message in the message box, enter DONE and it will prompt you for next steps.
  4. Make a Gift to support the legal defense funds at the border, such as RAICES,  or

    Texas Civil Rights Project (the “Charity”). Civic Action has acted as the Charity’s agent for the purpose of accepting donations on behalf of the Charity. The funds go direct to the project.

Suggestion About What to Say: Be calm, thoughtful and polite. An aide or a machine will answer. Speak slowly and clearly.

Please tell Senator XXX that the President’s Executive Order is not enough. There must be an immediate plan to reunite the 2,300 infants and children with their parents who have already been separated. This behavior by our government reminds me of Nazi Germany and dictatorships around the world. It is inhumane and unconscionable. Please tell Senator XXX to take a stand to reunite these children with their parents now. I’m from (name your state).


These are painful and perilous times. I begin my journey back to Oaxaca tomorrow. I wonder how immigration will go for me in Mexico City as I transit through. Shame is what I feel. I ask myself, does despair and hope go hand-in-hand as Paul Schrader questions in his important, just released film, First Reformed. I like to think we can choose to be hopeful and push despair down. Despair is numbing, depressive, serves to subdue us. We cannot be subdued.




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  1. Norma, Thank you so much for your post and for revealing your thoughts on “run and hide”. I have had those same feelings since our unfortunate Presidential election. It’s a basic human instinct to flee when overwhelmed with stressful conditions that make us feel helpless, but standing and fighting are far more gratifying and effective. So, like you I choose to stand and fight and take every possible opportunity to make my voice heard and support those who are on the front lines delivering hands-on support to these terrified people who so desperately need our help.

    Thank you for posting and providing valuable information.

  2. Very well said, Norma.

  3. Yes Norma, I share you thoughts.
    We Here in Canada are truly appalled by daily happenings..
    Our daughter and her family live in Mexico…We invite our dear grandchildren to come up for the summer…to spend time with us in Vermont..This year such a treat might not be possible.
    Truly horrific times…once again…My family left Berlin in 1936…
    Landed in Peru…where I was born…
    Kindred Spirits are joined in trying to help in any ways we can…

    • Our forebearers landed in Canada, Central and South America when the US tightened quotas and wouldn’t let us in — even for humanitarian reasons. They turned overloaded boats away. They turned their backs. There is a history here of ethical, moral failure. It is so important to keep doing more, wherever we may be. I hope you see your grandchildren, Ruth. It would be a travesty for this to interfere. Besos, Norma

  4. Thank you for your powerful voice
    We must each make our voices as powerful until the sound is deafening

  5. As a woman born in the US, but now a dual citizen living in Canada, I am so sad and unsure about the future. I will give to a responsible group that can provide legal help to these asylum seekers. And I will send messages to my California senators and representatives. But I’m speaking to the already aware and concerned. I maintain my US citizenship in order to vote. But I am a Canadian now, and wonder if I should cut the ties.

    • One reason I have a home in North Carolina is to vote. It’s even more important now to stay engaged. Though I go in ebbs and flows. This constant vigilance is exhausting and sometimes I just want to crawl in a hole or escape. I totally understand why you would want to swear allegiance only to Canada. A sane and compassionate place to live. When I was living only in Oaxaca for almost five years and thought about my identity, I concluded that I needed to maintain roots in my own country, the culture of my birth, and stay committed to social justice here. We all make choices. In the end, we each figure out what is best for us — or at least keep trying. Do what feels right for you, Kate. These are difficult times.

  6. Norma,
    I too am feeling overwhelmed with anger and disbelief. I have to admit I have felt this way over many issues in the last year. It feels we have lost our way as a nation. Bigotry and racism seems to have taken the place of kind heartedness.
    I live in a blue state but support SPLC and Raices.
    I call and write my senators weekly even though we are on the same page. I imagine it helps them To hear our voices of love and support. Thank you for your coherent plea with excellent guidance. We all need to work together to end this horrible moment in history.

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful, informative, and actionable post.

  8. Dear Norma, Your post speaks my mind.
    I am overwhelmed with anger, sadness and shame and it feels so helpless. I am plugged in to my legislators and our community through our Quaker Meeting. Our son and daughter-in-law plan to visit us in Virginia mid-July. I have lots of questions about how travel will be and whether anything could go wrong.

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