Party for the Animals Fundraiser Report — Over the Goal

Thanks to everyone for your generosity! Yesterday’s fundraiser to support the Teotitlan del Valle Spay Neuter Clinic was a huge success. We raised over 8,000 pesos through local donations and 10,000 pesos from antique and collectible sales from Merry Foss’ bodega. Plus, I’m calculating that an added $485 USD came in via online donations through PayPal from friends who were unable to be here.

This totals about $1,438 USD.  This covers a lot of sterilizations for dogs and cats here in Teotitlan del Valle, plus enables Merry Foss to start a more comprehensive education program about why it is important to spay/neuter animals.

Even with the threat of rain and eventual sprinkles, about 30 people came from Oaxaca City and Teotitlan del Valle, plus other nearby pueblos of Tlacochuaya and Huayapam.  Some we knew and some we didn’t! It was great to have this show of support.  We enjoyed Rosario’s handmade flautas de papas — the homemade organic tortillas were filled with a spicy potato puree, pure yum. Ernestina crafted 50 black bean tamales flavored with an avocado leaf, plus 125 tamales with chicken and yellow mole sauce. Not much was left!

Mission Statement

Teotitlan Spay Neuter Clinic Mission Statement

I provided the food. Guests brought their favorite beverage. I’ll have another fundraiser party for the clinic in January 2019. I’m grateful to Merry for what she does to improve quality of life for animals and people here in our village. And, the service allowed me to easily sterilize the dogs I call pets: Mamacita, Butch and Tia.

My right hand person, Rosario!

Our friend Winn, who carried donations from friends in the city

Moises and Lois brought the most delicious horchata

Merry with Moises and Lois

Pure veggies

Only 4 flautas were left

Moises, me and Lois






14 responses to “Party for the Animals Fundraiser Report — Over the Goal

  1. Please ask Merry Foss to contact me, Nancy Elby,
    By phone at 248-390-6063, or by email, I’ve been trying to reach her and hope she is well.
    Thank you!

  2. What a great event. We have friends that travel to Merida every winter and volunteer at the Spay /neuter clinic there. They say it is very rewarding. It is a great way for expats living in Mexico to give back to their “second home” communities.
    I am curious about one of the fruits in the fruit salad. the white one with the little black seeds. What is that?

    • Hi Bev. Yes, many worthy volunteer projects in Mexico … and the US … and around the world. So much need!

      The fruit is called Dragon Fruit. It’s pink and green on the outside. You peel it and that sweet juicy flesh is revealed. Seems it grows well here.

  3. Pictures of your event made my mouth water. Congrats on the success! Winn’s forwarding this reminded me of our universal passion to be good stewards, good servants for our furry friends.

    • Mary, thanks so much. Animal spay/neuter clinic here is part of public health care, I think. It’s for the village and the animals. Overpopulation is not healthy for humans or animals. Appreciate your reading and adding your comment.

  4. Congratulations! A beautiful event! I offer my services to Merry and the clinic for every Thursday I am in Teoti this fall. Thank you for all you do for all of us. Love Kali

  5. What a fun way to raise money. So nice to improve life locally. Great job everyone.

  6. Beautiful! Great job!

  7. I mailed you a check for $50.00

    Delighted that you will do another fund raiser in Jan! I will be happy to promote it. Don’t know if I can attend. I have neuropathy, and walking is very painful….

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