Oaxaca What-Nots and Rugs, Settling Into North Carolina

I’ve been in North Carolina for a week, arriving safely on the tail of Hurricane Florence. In some parts here, it is still treacherous, but not where I live when I’m here in Durham, NC. My two pieces of luggage each weighed in at 49 pounds and some ounces. Maximum is 50 pounds without penalty.

SOLD. #1. All Naturals Lightening Rug. 57-1/2″ long x 31″ wide. $350 USD

#1 is all natural sheep wool in tones of grey, cream and brown, with traditional fringes. A complex design to weave. Shipping to anywhere in the USA is $8.

I stuffed them with what-nots and rugs, aprons (flouncy and more simple), stylish market tote bags, and a selection of Zayzelle dresses and pullover scarves. Some were pre-sold. Many were not. I guess this is what I do when I come to this part of home! Make Oaxaca available to you.

#2 Butterflies. All natural. 58-1/2″ long x 29-1/2″ wide. $260 USD

#2 is a butterfly motif accented with the mountains and rain pattern. $8 mailing to anywhere in USA. 

Catching up with friends, keeping routine medical appointments for check-ups, walking and sewing is what I do here. Not much different from life in Teotitlan del Valle in terms of activities, but lifestyle worlds apart.

SOLD. #3 Runner. 116″ long x 30″ wide. All natural wool. $385.

#3 is part of my collection, unused but stored for a couple of years. I’d like it to go out the door! It is large, so will weigh more and mailing is $26 USD to anywhere in the USA. 

#4. B&W Large Market Tote. Woven plastic. 20x13x5″ $55. Two available.

#4 is a snazzy, elegant tote, sturdy and functional with double straps. I use mine to carry an umbrella, farmer’s market produce, an extra wrap. I sling it over my shoulder and it goes along with me everywhere. Mailing is $8 to anywhere in USA. 

Here in NC there are no barking dogs, no corn fields, no mountains, no patio or terrace, no hand-made blue corn tortillas. Here, I get uninterrupted sleep. Here,  there is the pulse of urban life in a country that continues to need my attention. I will not give up my voice. Usually everyday I make a call or send a text to my U.S. Senator. Remember John McCain, I want to tell him. He would do the right thing.

SOLD. #5. All natural zigzag rug. 42″long x 28″ wide. $265.

#5 is a sawtooth zigzag rug in all the natural sheep colors. Note that fringes are tucked in for easy vacuuming. $8 to mail anywhere in the USA.

I brought a few rugs back woven by friends in Teotitlan del Valle who need the money. One family just had a new baby. The other has two daughters pursuing college educations — costly on a rug-weaver’s income. Another is by a woman who weaves for a family enterprise and wants a bit of her own money.

SOLD. #6 Zapotec Diamond with Feathers. 58-1/2″ long x 31″ wide. $295.

#6 is tones of gray sheep wool, accented with dark brown and hints of gold and cream. $8 to ship anywhere in USA. 

These weavers are not famous and their prices are modest in comparison to others. The quality is very good. I bought them outright at the asking prices to help and passing these savings on to you.

#7. Turquoise apron, size 38 (M-L). $55 + $8 mailing.

#8. Simple gingham apron, $20 + $8 mailing. Size M-L.

#9 Flouncy Artful Apron. Size M. $75 + $8 mailing.

#10. Raspberry Sateen Apron, Size S-M. $95 + $8 mailing.

If anything appeals to you, let me know by email. norma.schafer@icloud.com

Tell me

  • Your name and mailing address
  • The Item Number

I will then send you an invoice and as soon as I receive funds, I will package up and get it in the mail to you.

Thanks so much, Norma.




6 responses to “Oaxaca What-Nots and Rugs, Settling Into North Carolina

  1. I love that you say that your country still neds your attention. It may seem easier to move to Canada or be an ex pat in Mexico or New Zealand. But leaving the USA should not mean you have given up on the USA. It needs all of our attention, especially those of us who still cannot comprehend who our president is. We have to continue to try to make him the anomaly fruitcake that he is and not allow his ‘brand’ to carry on.
    Also please continue to bring rugs from Oaxaca to NC or perhaps you can sell them from Oaxaca. They are so lovely. Alas, I am too late for these. They have all sold. I hope NC will be spared the wrath of Michael.

    • Hi, Elaine. Thank you, and yes, my country needs my attention, I will vote and continue to write my senators, though to no avail. I’m frustrated with the process and the downward slide of civility and compassion for those less fortunate. We are no longer the land of the free. We are the land of the privileged. I return to Mexico on November 8 and will stay until mid-March. A good long while to recover from the dismay I feel. Thank you for writing and supporting this blog with your caring. I do have ONE RUG left for sale, the butterfly rug — mariposa. I would like to take $$ back to the weaver who made it. Are you interested?

  2. Hi Norma – I am a fiber artist in Austin, ATX and I spent 8 weeks in Oaxaca doing an artist residency there learning backstrap weaving. I am returning to Teotitlan to study with a weaver for 3 months – Jan, Feb, and March of 2019. I have been invited to a Zapotec wedding in January and I would like to give the bride and groom a gift. What would be the appropriate thing to give that they would appreciate?

    I have been following you for quite awhile and hope I will have an opportunity to meet you when I am there.

    Thank you for your help.

    Lynne Brotman

    • Thanks for reading and following!

      Well, kitchen and cooking utensils from the USA are always welcome if you want to haul it. There is something new on the market I heard about. It is a speedy fast pressure cooker crock pot thingie that will cook a chicken in 30 minutes! All the rage. And, then, money is always useful. $2-4,000 pesos depending on your relationship, along with flowers and handmade beeswax candles from Teotitlan. Let me know when you arrive. I’m around the first 10 days of January and then middle February. Norma

  3. Such beautiful work! I’d so love a rug but don’t want to move it. Looks like I’ll be buying my own in Mexico!

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