Party Aside, Say No To Hate and Please VOTE Today

The polling place is across the street from me at the Durham School of the Arts. Last night the signs began to proliferate.

At this moment, the wind is blowing strong from the southwest. Atop the flag pole, the Stars and Stripes unfurl, waving and below is the Old North State flag bearing dates that testify to North Carolina’s leadership in America’s 1775 independence movement.

I’m on the top floor of my building and I see this every day. It is part of the landscape and I don’t pay much attention. Today is different.

I voted two weeks ago. If you haven’t, please do so today.

I’m not a flag-waver and yet, I see the flags as symbols of our imperfect union, symbol of the ideals of democracy, symbol of hope, symbol of a country that opens its outstretched arms to refugees in every generation, of acceptance for differences, in the belief that together in our diversity we are stronger.

Whatever your political persuasion, please vote to reunite our country in hope rather supporting the rhetoric of destruction and division. I believe that this rhetoric gives permission to people to act out with AK-47s, pipe bombs, and voter suppression. We can put a stop to this.

I live in North Carolina to vote, to connect with friends, to access excellent university-based medical care if needed. Voting is a responsibility, a right and a privilege. I have a commitment to make this country the best it can be.


Please exercise yours.

Tonight, my friend Karen and I will create our own Downtown Durham Election Night Crawl, starting at the Beyu Caffe jazz and supper club on Main Street, to watch early election night results. Neither of us have a television and we don’t want to be isolated.

Where will you be?

6 responses to “Party Aside, Say No To Hate and Please VOTE Today

  1. I wish I were going to be there with you!!!
    Wishing everyone hope, inspiration, love and healing!

  2. And I would add to these great comments: it is vital to vote in your local elections. Mayors, city council members, county supervisors all make decisions that effect our lives very strongly. I have been working on a local county supervisor election here in Northern California. Our guy is trying to unseat the long time incumbent who raises lots of corporate $$ in our small rural county. It’s uphill all the way.

  3. We have some important ballot measures here in Oregon. I think our voter turnout will be at an all-time high. The measure to repeal the states’ Sanctuary State Law is of great concern. This household has voted!!!

    • Ballot measures, in addition to candidates, are key to this election, too. In NC, there are six amendments introduced by the conservative state legislature, to strip the governor of powers, including making appointments. Hard to be hopeful in this climate. Thank you for weighing in, Claudia.

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