Artful Aprons of San Miguel del Valle Talk at OLL, January 25

The artful aprons of San Miguel del Valle are an elaborate confetti of embroidered designs. I was invited to give a talk at the Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL) on January 25, 2019 at 5 p.m. Please come! You can read more and register HERE.

Of course, you have to BE in Oaxaca, to join us!

Joining me for the talk are Jacki Cooper Gordon, who is an Envia cultural guide and Mickey Gardner, who lived in the village ecotourism cabins for a month, working with local women.

Hard to decide which one!
  • Textiles as cultural identity, and aprons in particular
  • Aprons as contemporary dress — innovation, adaptation
  • History of San Miguel del Valle and apron-making
  • Economics, production, quality
  • Cultural appropriation or cultural admiration
  • Life in a small Zapotec hill town
  • Where it is and how to get there

I got to San Miguel del Valle because I took an ENVIA tour with Jacki. She knows a lot about the history and economic development opportunities. We will talk about:

Laura and Mary in the workshop

Special Feature: We have invited embroiderers Maria Zacarias Hernandez Hernandez and her cousin Laura Miguel Hernandez to answer questions and to sell their stunning aprons. Maria is a recipient of Envia microfinancing.

Free-form, hand-guided machine embroidery

PLEASE BRING YOUR PESOS. Aprons range in price from 500-1,000 pesos, depending on complexity of design and density of embroidery. There will be about 20 pieces for sale at the OLL on the night of the talk, including bags and napkins. Sales go directly to the makers.

Traje includes two undergarments, one lacy, plus apron
Abuelas prefer a simpler style

12 responses to “Artful Aprons of San Miguel del Valle Talk at OLL, January 25

  1. Wish I could be there! We are working on fleeing cold, gray NC, but it’s an undertaking! Hope to be there by the end of the year.

  2. I’ll be there–in my apron from San Miguel del Valle!

  3. Love this. I’m bringing my pesos when we visit Oaxaca!
    Congrats on being asked to talk & bringing the Artisans with you.

  4. Hi Norma – Just reserved my ticket!
    Looking forward to a little ‘Apron Appreciation’.
    I’ve been photographing the amazing varieties out in Tlacolula for quite awhile.
    Fun to meet these these talented ladies!!

  5. Amazing !
    There is so much to do, see and appreciate in Oaxaca….so looking forward to my time there!

  6. I’ve registered for your talk in February. Looking forward to it

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