North Carolina Interlude: Between Oaxaca and Japan

In just a few short days, on Wednesday, March 20, with a fast turnaround, I leave NC for Tokyo, where I will meet my sister and we will travel together for almost three weeks. I’m taking time-out. This is Forewarning: I will be on vacation during this time and may or may not post regularly about my search for Japanese indigo and pottery (in tribute to our dad, who was a potter and ceramics teacher).

In fact, I’m not taking my computer and plan to travel lighter than usual.

Indigo and pigment samples on wool

In this moment, I’m experimenting by using an iPad with keyboard to publish this post. My hope is that I can find a moment or two to write about what I find with photos. No promises, though.

I want to be unemcumbered, or at least, less encumbered.

I´m promising myself that I will allow more breathing space between events next year. I recently read Brain Pickings by Maria Popova, who culls and comments about the philosophy of living with more intention. She talks about Marion Milner, a British psychoanalyst and writer who undertook a seven-year self-study to evaluate her own core of happiness, fulfillment and contentment.

Indigo dye pot, Japanese style

This is a fascinating exercise. I believe to find meaning in life, we must continually reexamine our own values and our relationship in the world. Then, the challenge is to shift and make adjustments as necessary as we are more aware of self, needs and change.

Who we imagine ourselves to be and who we are through behavior is often at incongruous.

As I embark for Japan, a place of deep spiritual belief where one can find meaning in small, beautiful experiences and creative output, I hope to use this time to take a respite from the fast pace at which I’ve been living for the past several months. I hope to use this time to approach 2020 differently.

Museo Textile de Oaxaca, dyeing with indigo.

I made a promise to Oaxaca friends that I would have more time next year to enjoy their company, take art classes, be in the hammock on my rooftop terrace, and limit my travel that takes me away from Oaxaca city.

I made a promise to North Carolina friends to spend more than a few weeks at a time here, with longer intervals to actually connect and enjoy the life I have created here, too.

This is a written testimony to publicly share my intention to slow down the pace. It is a way to make a recommitment to core values as I gain in years (ie. Age!) and life choices become even more important. There is limited time to make up for lost time.

At the indigo dye pot

Thank you for supporting me in my time away from regular blogging and being tethered to the computer. Cherry blossoms await me.

Indigo fields on a Japanese farm

21 responses to “North Carolina Interlude: Between Oaxaca and Japan

  1. Oh, Norma!
    What a perfectly beautiful blog! I am so grateful to have seen it! Thank you. You share and reveal so much of yourself so easily and elegantly. A blessed talent and gift to us.
    It seems to be a time of consideration, thought and refocusing for many. Time to finally ponder the question,
    “What is now really worthy of my time?”
    So much time spent on what means so little….

    Relax, rest, drink in the beauty around and within you in Japan.
    Best Wishes to All,

  2. As you inspire through words, you’ll inspire through silence and presence. Because you’re you and a blessing to us who read your posts.
    Safe and joyful travels.

  3. Have a nice journey in Japan…hoping for you to discover a lot of indigo textile! Lucky you, this is one of my dream…

  4. Blessings to you as many of us experiment with/experience slowing down. It is of utmost importance. Abrazos!

  5. I was interested to hear about your father,an artist. He must have been a great influence. I am inspired by your life journey and self care. Enjoy to the fullest. As I enjoy Teotitlán to the fullest!!

    • Yes, our dad was very creative and I think the three siblings express ourselves differently but also walk his path. Our mom was a great influencer, too. An expressive writer who loved language. Thanks, Claudia. It is a treat to have them as part of us.

  6. Have a wonderful time and forget about blogging while in Japan. Be totally present! Follow Marion’s path and honor your joy with attention and commitment!!

  7. Well said. I honor your intentions and am inspired. Enjoy Japan!

  8. Wonderful intention to slow down and engage in fewer, but more meaningful, activities. We should all do the same!

  9. Oh what a wonderful post! I wish you a delightful, soulful journey. . .take time to “be” and enjoy the wonders that await!

  10. I love Brainpickings; it’s inspirational and makes me sit up straight and meditate more. So glad that you found it too, amiga linda, and that you intend to take time for yourself while in Japan to enjoy the company of your sister, the spirit of your beloved father and the beauty in small, simple things. I totally support your intentions and recognize the value and power in making them. Good for you! Wishing you love and light and many wonderful surprises.

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