Honoring the Life, Marking the Death of Francisco Toledo

News came in this morning that Francisco Toledo died last night at age 79, a number I no longer consider to be relevant. He was an iconic figure in Oaxaca and Mexico. Maestro Toledo was a champion for human rights and righteousness, for all the goodness in people, for the aesthetic beauty of our city and our nation. He fought vocally and fiercely, without reservation or equivocation, for First Peoples and native species, for indigenous corn. He stood in the way of Monsanto as it threatened eradication of our cultural heritage. Today, I speak as a permanent resident of Mexico. The loss is enormous.

Francisco Toledo, d. September 5, 2019

Who will step in for him? His memory is a sacred honor to peace and justice. You are a blessing to us, Maestro Toledo. Your incredible art is only a fraction of who you are and the legacy you leave us. I can’t think of a person who has the profound impact of your voice and your pen, the courage and the fortitude to step in and be heard. You leave us with dignity and the memory to keep doing what is necessary to counter the evils of our time. You leave us with a void. Let us hope that in the void, voices rise to equal yours.

Rest In Peace, Francisco Toledo. Descansé bien.

As close as I got. An honor to know you.

5 responses to “Honoring the Life, Marking the Death of Francisco Toledo

  1. your words are a beautiful tribute to this great artist and representative of the oaxacan people. i have only just moved here after wanting to do this for 35 years. one reason for toledo, tamayo and the other great artists, the culture and politics of this unusual and diverse state in the confusing country that is mexico. i feel a deep loss at his passing and had hoped to meet him one day.

  2. Oh dear, he was iconic, thus it seemed like he would live forever. He worked hard and accomplished much. A remarkable man.

  3. So sorry to hear this. A great loss for Oaxaca and the world of art.

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