Announcing Mano del Sur by Shuko Clouse — Curated Goods

Shuko Clouse just opened her online shop Mano del Sur. She is a friend and I want to help give her a boost.

Shuko is from Japan. She loves Mexico and particularly Oaxaca. She combines her aesthetic for quality and simplicity with all unique, one-of-a-kind pieces she finds along the way during her travels south-of-the-border.

Beach mat textile on Mano del Sur

Shuko is dedicated to learning Spanish. She recently came to Oaxaca for a language immersion program. In her generous, kind and insightful multicultural approach, she communicates directly with artisans to identify and buy the best home goods and fashion accessories to pass along to discerning buyers via her new website.

Huipil woodblock print on Mano del Sur

Our textile study tours offer people like Shuko a guided opportunity to seek out some of the most outstanding artisans in a region. Shuko came with us to Chiapas and she is now returning for the Oaxaca Coast Textile Study Tour. She comes to Oaxaca city, too, where I take her to villages to meet some of the best artisans to buy their craft.

I am happy to work with Shuko, designers and retailers to introduce them to artisans. The makers appreciate being able to sell direct with no middleman and the buyers know they support artisans directly and pay a fair price for their quality workmanship.

We are filled for the Oaxaca Coast Tour, but we have space for

Contact me for more information at

Mercado brown bag on Mano del Sur

5 responses to “Announcing Mano del Sur by Shuko Clouse — Curated Goods

  1. Thank you, Norma, for introducing us to her site. I just ordered the beautiful brown mercado bag shown above – a bit of a splurge for me, as I’m “supposed” to be de-acquisitioning now, rather than acquiring, but it’s so beautiful. The items she sells, and the website itself, are exquisite. Best of luck, Shuko.

    • Thank you for supporting Shuko, Diane. You will find the bag to be very handy. I took my to Japan and to Eastern Europe. I agree with you — an elegant presentation!

    • Thank you very much for your order, and encourage me! I really appreciate your support, and thoughtful message… I will send it as soon as possible. Thank you again Diane! And Norma is the best! Don’t you think? I love her tour and her knowledge of culture and craft.

  2. Thank you Norma and Jenny! You are too nice for me Norma! I’ve learned many things about Mexico from you. Jenny, you do amazing trips more than me! I’d love to accompany with you 🙂

  3. Beautiful site Shuko! Wish I could accompany you on all of your adventures!

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