Tlacolula Market Meander in B&W Plus TinType

I’m at Zicatela Beach Puerto Escondido after taking the little plane that could, aka AeroTucan, at 7 a.m. this morning. Our coast of Oaxaca textile tour will start on Saturday. Meanwhile, my long-time Ohio pals Sam and Tom are staying at my casita and caring for my dogs Tia Margarita and Butch.

Yesterday, their first full day in Oaxaca, Sam, Tom and I went to Tlacolula to get cash (there are no ATMs yet in Teotitlan del Valle), and spent a fair amount of time meandering. Sam and Tom are professional photographers. I’ve always aspired to be like them. What I’ve learned is that the beauty is often in the detail. And, often in the grainy detail that using a darkroom can get. Except with digital trickery.

They like using the iPhone App TinType, and so do I. Here’s a sampling of the Not-on-Sunday market in black and white. Slower paced. Almost spare. Time to notice details. And, I like the artsy, old-timey results.

I’m no longer hauling around my big, heavy very professional Nikon equipment. In fact, I’d like to sell it. I also bought an Olympus mirrorless camera a couple of years ago, and find that it’s too weighty for me now, too.

14 responses to “Tlacolula Market Meander in B&W Plus TinType

  1. Hi Norma
    This is Susan, the woman you met at Sante Fe hotel. We are hoping your textile trip was wonderful! We are back now in Oaxaca and want to arrange a meeting in Teotitlan with your friends who are natural wool dyers. My husband and our friend are here till February 10.

    Please advise what is possible
    Looking forward to seeing you again


    Susan deLone

  2. All I can say is WOW! THe photography skills combined with the TinType app. No words! Thanks for sharing these amazing images. I’m getting this app today!

  3. Very cool!

  4. Much enjoy reading and following your blogs..Photos superb….Hope to meet you this year…Saludos de Ruth

  5. WOW Norma – this is a whole-other-feel of our Tlacolula.
    Like a whole other place in time and space.
    Can’t wait to get back out there on Sunday!
    Chill and be still – on the beach a few days!!

  6. I love these photographs. Beautiful!

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