EXPOventa: Textiles + Jewelry, Oaxaca Centro, Thursday, February 6

We have curated this POP-UP, one-morning-only EXPOventa with the Best of the Best textile artisans we know plus ONE GREAT filigree silversmith who is usually hidden away in his studio in the LaNoria neighborhood of downtown Oaxaca. Please share. Tell your friends. Don’t miss it! Cash sales.

We are winding up our whirlwind Oaxaca City and Villages Folk Art Tour and scheduled this EXPOventa for our travelers. Eric and I want to open it up to the public to give these deserving artisans a chance to show off what they make. Meet the makers. Support the artisans directly. All proceeds go directly to them!

4 responses to “EXPOventa: Textiles + Jewelry, Oaxaca Centro, Thursday, February 6

  1. Arriving Wednesday! Happy to have a chance to meet you in person, Norma.
    Sandy Wilcox

  2. Well darn! This event is just down the street from me but I’ll be in Guatemala.

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