Generosity Knows No Boundaries: Oaxaca Mask Project II

We put out the call on Monday, May 25, that we were starting Phase II of the Oaxaca Mask Project. On Tuesday, May 26, an article in Mexico News Daily featuring the project appeared, written by journalist Janet Blaser. Oaxaca blogger Shannon Pixley Sheppard, View From Casita Colibri, reposted our Monday cry for help.

You responded.

We send you our sincerest, most grateful thanks. Special thanks to Janet and Shannon!

Your generosity gives us the wherewithal to go into mask-making overdrive. Even more important now that the virus is spreading to the villages and more cases are identified.

100 masks went to Macuilxochitl, adjacent to Teotitlan de Valle

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We have cried this week. There were seven (7) funerals in Teotitlan del Valle, two on one day. There are cases diagnosed in neighboring villages and towns. For every published case diagnosed, the multiplier is eight (8) for the underrepresented numbers. If five (5) cases are known, the likely total is 40. The curve is no where in sight.

Mexico’s health care system is in disarray. Upon taking office, President AMLO (Lopez-Obrador) started dismantling the system to reorganize. There is little PPE and health care workers are taxed. The New York Times reports today that 25% of Mexico’s coronavirus cases are health care workers.

In all this, we are hopeful that the masks we offer FREE to people will mitigate the spread of disease in the Oaxaca valleys. Thank you for your generosity, your big heart and your gifts.

It takes a village to protect a village. You and I do this because we have a connection to people and place. We do this because we respect the creativity and hard work of Oaxaqueños. We understand. Thank you, again!

Since Monday, May 25, 2020:

  • 108 donors made gifts
  • $6,746 USD received
  • 1100 masks ordered
  • 4 distribution partnerships formed
  • 8 mask-makers employed
  • Expanded mask-making and distribution to San Miguel del Valle apron-making village
  • More to do!
Rocio Arecely Garcia Lopez, left, San Miguel del Valle, will sew masks for us

6 responses to “Generosity Knows No Boundaries: Oaxaca Mask Project II

  1. Bev in Connecticut

    it might help to pass on the technique of “proning” to your people in the villages. Lay the sickened on their stomachs instead on their backs. Many of the hospitals here in the states have been doing this and it helps the lungs to expand better. Also hourly deep breathing exercises. Take 5 (as deep as you
    can ) deep breaths, hold for the count of 5 then exhale. on the 6th deep breath when you exhale cough as hard as you can (covering your mouth of course)
    Keeping the lungs fully inflated is the key. Laying in bed not moving is a killer
    This is all so scary and sad.
    keep up the good work—you are an angel

  2. Thank YOU Norma, for all you are doing. It was my pleasure to help spread the word about this important and crucial project!

  3. Thanks for taking the time and effort to support our community Norma, wearing masks is of great help when entering crowded spaces but he major problem is not the lack of masks, we don’t have access to the Mexican health care systems: IMSS or ISSTE. Also our local health clinic hasn’t openned yet so people have no where to take their elders that is accessible and immediate. Yes, most of this elders had an underlying condition that made them vulnerable but some of them seem just fine prior to the COVID19 pandemic.
    There are free commercial masks being handed out for free at the Minucipal Building and even medicines for Diabetic and hypertense people. They announced it today in the local radio, I am not sure how many are there left. I would love to see some of this funds directed to buying Oximeters or maybe even a ventilator for our local clinic so that elders that fall sick could have a chance at surviving.
    A neighbor was turned down from the Tlacolula clinic I guess because she is not in the high risk group, but her family doesn’t know what to do; she was even turned down from a private hospital.
    Today there are three confimed deaths and another elder with Diabetis is in poor heslth state due to diabetis though.

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