To Register, Policies, Procedures

When you register for and make a deposit to participate in a Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC program, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Reservations, Cancellations, Refunds.  We accept e-commerce payments only. We will send you an itemized invoice when you tell us you are ready to register.  On and after the 60th day before a program start date, refunds are not possible. If there is a cancelation on or before the 60th day,  50% of your deposit will be refunded. After that, there are no refunds.

Required–Personal Health Questionnaire

We accept travelers who are in good health and able to walk uneven streets at altitudes of 6,000-10,000 feet. When you send us an email saying you want to register, we will send you a Health Questionnaire to complete and return to us. If you have doubts and if you have any health impediments like mobility or breathing issues, please consider another program provider. 

Once we receive and approve your completed health questionnaire and your registration is approved, we will send you an invoice. 

All registration deposits and final payments due shall be transacted by e-commerce. We will send you an electronic invoice via email. We are in Oaxaca, Mexico, most of the year, so this is the only way we can accept funds.

A deposit is required (including supplemental and optional fees) to reserve your space in a program.  Check the deposit and balance due information in each program description.

The final payment for the balance due shall be made 60 days before the program starts or as specified in the program description, whichever date comes first.  Deposits and final payments may be made by e-commerce payments only.  We will send you a reminder and an itemized invoice by email.

  • In some circumstances, we can accept a personal check. Please enquire.

All documentation for plane reservations and required travel insurance must be received 45 days before the program start or we reserve the right to cancel your registration without reimbursement.

Our programs are small, customized and arranged far in advance of the actual program. The cancellation and refund policy is in place because we must confirm arrangements with many people and this requires that we make non-refundable deposits to secure reservations.  Thank you for understanding.

Required–Travel Health/Accident Insurance: We require that you carry trip cancelation, international accident and health insurance including $50,000 of medical emergency evacuation insurance. No exceptions. Proof of insurance must be sent at least 45 days before departure.

Passport Validity

Be certain your passport has at least six months on it before it expires from the date you enter Mexico!

Plane Tickets, Arrivals/Departures: Please send us your plane schedule at least 45 days before the trip. This includes name of carrier, flight numbers, arrival and departure time from our program destination.

Our Right to Cancel Without Refund: If we deem that the traveler demonstrates an unwillingness to comply with the terms outlined or exhibits difficult behavior and communication that would risk the well-being of the group and their experience, we reserve the right to cancel their participation without reimbursement at any time before or during said program at our discretion.

Terrain, Walking and Group Courtesy: We travel in areas that are safe and secure, yet may be at 6,000 to 9,000 feet in altitude. Colonial streets and sidewalks are cobblestones, mostly narrow and can have high curbs. Village sidewalks and streets can be unpaved and pot-holed. Paving stones can be slippery, especially when walking across driveways that slant across the sidewalk to the street. We do a fair amount of walking.

Traveling with a small group has its advantages and also means that independent travelers will need to make personal accommodations and adjustments to meet group needs and schedule.

We reserve the right to reject your registration based upon your health.

What we DO NOT provide:

  • We are not a travel agency, so we do not book your plane reservations or find routings for you. Please use Skyscanner or another online booking service to find the best fares and routes
  • If you arrive at a destination early or want to stay later, please make any add-on reservations independently and pay directly.  We are unable to facilitate added bookings for you. 
  • If you need help, please contact a travel agency who can provide these personal services

What we DO provide:

  • We make and confirm reservations for lodging, transportation and meals that are part of the land package as outlined in the program itinerary
  • We arrange guide services and cover admission fees that are included in a program itinerary
  • We contact artisans to make appointments to visit to meet them and see their work
  • We provide travel tips and information about our destinations via email after you register
  • We facilitate the best program we can provide once we are together

To register or for questions, contact us. 

This program is produced by Norma Schafer, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC.  

18 responses to “To Register, Policies, Procedures

  1. Norma,,

    I am an artist living in San Miguel and am interested in your
    January tour. Ironically I met Patrice in Puerto Escondido 20 years ago and have not seen her since we had dinner in nyc years later.

    I would be happy to share a room…

    Best. Bobbi Van

  2. Hello Norma, I am a sculptor – mostly figures – assembled from ceramic, fiber and found objects and also paper mache . I am also a pre-Kindergarten – grade eight art educator. In January I’ll be applying for a teacher’s grant to go on a learning and travel adventure in Oaxaca this summer. I would love to know if you are offering anything- or can suggest a lead for me. Perhaps workshop or classes with an artist or a museum. I only speak a little Spanish Thank you so much.

    • Hi, Nancy. We can organize a 3-day natural dye workshop and a 4-day weaving workshop for you. You can also register for a one-day natural dye study tour to meet weavers. Please see the right column of the website for program details. You may also want to contact the Museo Textil de Oaxaca for their class schedule. Arquetopia offers residencies for artists in Oaxaca, too. Let me know if you would like one of our weaving or dye workshops. We schedule them to meet your travel needs. Thank you, Norma

  3. Hello Norma,

    I would like to register for a 3 day Natural Dye Class on June 19-22. Please send the registration form to me.

  4. Hi Norma! I wondering if you offered a program for beginning oil painting? I am planning on being in Mexico this summer for about 1-2 months depending on the classes available. Thank you for your time I hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hello Norma,
    I’m writing to find out more about space for a single traveler in a single room for the rebozo tour. I will be in Guatemala before this trip starts and this tour may fit into my schedule perfectly.
    I have been following you online for awhile and have hoped to participate in one of your workshops or tours.
    Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that you and I were guests at the same time at El Diablo y La Sandia a few years ago. I was not sure so I decided not to say anything!
    Thank you for your help.
    Best wishes,
    Britt Martinez

  6. please add me to your mailing list

  7. I’m interested in your February 12-19: Oaxaca Art + Archeology Study Tour with Penland School of Crafts. Please let me know how I may registered .
    Regards, Terri

  8. I’d like to register for the felt fashion workshop in January 2015. Please let me know how to do that. I’m not sure at this point about the optional stays. Can I make a decision about those later? Thanks, Sue

  9. Michael Cucchiara

    2 people for Penland trip plus chiapus

  10. Penland trip and extra trip – want to register and may I send a check to avoid the extra fees.