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We offer one-of-a-kind handmade textiles, alebrijes, clothing, jewelry and other Mexican collectibles from Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters on-line store.  We ship fast.  We pay the artist what they have asked for without bargaining.  We believe in compensating people fairly for the beauty they create.  Thank you, Norma and Barbara, The Artisan Sisters

To make a purchase, contact us first to see if the item is still available.

From the Artisan Sisters (most recent first)

April 23, 2013: Shop Mexico–Josefina Aguilar Clay Sculpture Figures

April 21, 2013: Shop Mexico–Oaxaca Alebrijes, Carved Wood and Painted Figures 

Week 14:  Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Frida Kahlo Antique-Style Earrings

Week 13: Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, La Catrina Day of the Dead Carved/Painted Wood Figure by Bertha Cruz

Week 12: Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Two Majolica Plates

Week 11: Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Majolica

Week 10: Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Five Tin Hearts–Frida-Style, August 19, 2012

Week 9:  Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Whimsical Huipil and Antique Silver and Coral Earrings — Both SOLD

Week 8:  Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Red Ikat Rebozo, July 16, 2012

Week 7:  Shop Mexico–The Artisan Sisters, Francisco Toledo Kite, July 9, 2012

Week 6:  Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters, R.Linares Sculpture, June 18, 2012

Week 5: Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters, June 11, 2012, Pillow Covers & Mirror

Week 4: Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters, Rugs and Painted Gourds, June 4, 2012

Week 3: Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters, May 28, 2012

Week 2: Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters, May 21, 2012

Week 1: Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters, May 14, 2012


16 Responses to Shop Mexico

  1. Looking to purchase wool yarns used to make rugs in different colors.
    Can find no source or store front.
    Can you help.
    June Sabayrac

  2. Hi,
    I am an interior designer and would like to buy some rugs while in Oaxaco. Is there a map of rug weavers in the area that I can obtain? Your help is appreciated.

  3. I have a 10 x 14 Zapotec rug I’ve had for about 15 years. It doesn’t work in our new house and I’m wondering if there is a secondary market for them.

  4. I am looking to buy a rigid heddle and beater like is used for back strap weaving in Oaxaca Thanks you can e-mail me at sockmachine@yahoo,com

  5. To: Norma Hawthorne, Greetings from NC.
    Request for assistance to locating a rug weaver.
    My wife and I have a photo and possibly the artist name for a rug we are interested in buying. We seldom agree 100% on home furnishings but we did on this rug. We believe it is Zapotec from Oaxaca and is 80% wool/20% Angora. We are not rug experts or collectors just know it would look great in our den area. Would like to try and buy direct from the family/artist if possible to avoid the unnecessary commissions. If you can help need info on how best to send you the photo etc. Thanks.

  6. I bought a double-weave hammock at the Woman’s Cooperative in Oaxaca and no matter what I google, I cannot find them.
    Casey Furlong

  7. I would like to retail some of the shoping bags in me store where do get them

  8. Hi Norma. I spoke to Frederico Sosa re Zapotec rugs and he suggested i discuss that with you. I asked him to send me pictures of his readily available carpets and i sent him the measurements through his website. He then suggested i contact you first … I think he was a bit afraid that i am trying to copy his designs.

    I am building a spanish mission house for myself and would like to use some of zapotec rugs around. Please email me to and i can send you pix of my house or let me know how to proceed to buy some of Sosa’s work.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Bil, not a problem. Send me your dimensions and I’ll send you photos of the rugs that fit that size you need. I have some rugs here in NC. Any of the rugs that you see on my website can also be custom made by Federico incorporating the colors you prefer, too. Lets just start with the dimensions you need and see where we go next! What is your time frame. When do you need the rug by? If you buy a rug that I have here, we can offer you an excellent price. And all the funds go directly to Federico. I do not take a commission. Norma

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