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Oaxaca Earthquake Damage Extensive: Urgent Support Needed

I’m putting out another donation call to help the Oaxaca earthquake victims. The situation is dire along Oaxaca’s southern coast and particularly in the city of Juchitan de Zaragoza.

click here to watch BBC video of earthquake devastation

There are two ways to donate that I know your gifts will go directly to the people in need. They are trusted to know where the funds can be used.

  1.  To Francisco Toledo Foundation   Francisco Toledo’s Foundation IAGO (Instituto Artes Graficas de Oaxaca) https://www.paypal.me/donativoistmo
  2. To anthropologist Denise Lechner who is working in the field https://www.paypal.me/deniselechner

Francisco Toledo is a renown Oaxaca artist-activist who was born and raised in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, that suffered the most severed earthquake damage.

Denise Lechner is a personal friend who has worked with artisan communities along the coast of Oaxaca for years. Go to her Facebook page to see photos of the affected areas.

 Report From Barbara Cleaver, Hotel Santa Fe, Puerto Escondido

Our hotel in Puerto has been one of the gathering places for donations: Denise Lechner has been on top of encouraging donations, and then driving them to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

We too have donated, both in money and in supplies, and will do more.
So much damage! In Tehuantepec, Chiapa de Corzo, up in Mixe country….but Juchitan de Zaragoza is a disaster zone.

I encourage everyone that can give anything, to do so. Please.
Thank you.

Friends, if everyone who reads this sends something ( 5$/ 20$/ more if you can afford it), it would make a huge difference.

Some places have even lost access to water, as wells have collapsed or been buried by rubble. This is the largest earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years…please help if you possibly can.

The news of the extent of the damage of this earthquake is overshadowed by the drama of the terrible hurricanes … but Mexico needs help.

Something on the order of 1,000 houses have been damaged in Juchitan, along with public buildings.

Bad damage ( and slow help ), with many houses down, in San Mateo del Mar (an important weaving village on the coast — near Laguna Superior on the map). I have not yet heard from San Francisco del Mar.

Houses rendered uninhabitable in Tehuantepec; I don’t know how many because it is still hard to get through to anyone, but we were able to talk to one friend. Her wonderful old house is probably beyond repair and she says others, too.

Power out/ many ( but not all) phones out.

Chiapa de Corzo, the wonderful old fountain from the 1500’s, and some houses; again, I don’t know how much.

So many places!

The more I hear, the worse it gets…

We sent supplies with Denise and now we are going to send money so she can buy what she sees is needed.

You can tell your people to have full confidence in Denise..I certainly do.


It was a huge long quake, and there have been so many aftershocks, off Chiapas and off Salina Cruz.

Thank you for putting the information out there, Norma!

Help for Oaxaca 8.2 Earthquake Victims: Donations Accepted

You can make a donation through PayPal or by sending a wire transfer. This is to an NGO supported by painter/artist Maestro Francisco Toledo, and we got this information through his organizations. Many of you have asked. This is an important way you can help.

Thank you,


Another Rumble: Temblor (Earthquake) in Oaxaca Today

This one was not much to write home about.  On the border of the States of Oaxaca and Guerrero very close to the epicenter of the big one (7.4) we felt two weeks ago, today’s earthquake a little after 1 p.m. shook for about 15 seconds and was gone.  They say these are strong aftershocks from the earlier one.  Today’s quake that some are calling a terremoto, registered 6.3 at the epicenter and was felt in Mexico City, Acapulco and Oaxaca.  No damage!  I looked up at Dolores and Omar, they looked at me, we said in unison, “temblor?”  They nodded and we went on about our business.  This must mean I’m getting used to it.

Earthquakes Common in State of Oaxaca: Oct. 6, 2011 is a 4.2 Magnitude

My friend, Brigitte, from Oaxaca says:  “Which earthquake?”  Was it a non-event in Oaxaca City?

This morning I got a call from a friend asking about the earthquake last night in Oaxaca.  Here is a Map of the site.  The epicenter is near Tonala in the mountains about 75 miles northeast of the southern coastal city of Salina Cruz near the Chiapas border.  This is FAR from the city of Oaxaca!

Having grown up in Southern California where earthquakes are also a common occurrence, I’m always on the alert about earthquakes in Oaxaca.  Fortunately, I know that while some damage can occur with a 4.2 magnitude quake, the ones that are over 6.0 on the Richter Scale can really wreak havoc.  Most of the recent Oaxaca quakes have been in rural areas far from the historic center of Oaxaca city.  That’s not to say they don’t pose a threat to people living in humble homes built of adobe.  The rainy season also brings the risk of landslides to mountain villages, which is what happened last year.

6 foot deep foundations for houses

Those of us who live in and visit Oaxaca often know that this is  earth’s way of taking a breath, letting it out, sighing, and realigning.  The small quakes are good —  the shift and readjustment of life on earth.

Sturdy construction prevents earthquake damage.  Six foot foundations are filled with large boulders reinforced with concrete.

Lots of rebar is used to provide a solid footing for bricks, adobe or concrete blocks — common construction materials.  The Zapotecs really know how to build to last multiple generations!

Solid construction techniques

Here you can see the footings being prepared for house construction — a safeguard against strong earthquakes!